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Profile Instructions

CSS PROFILE Application

The CSS PROFILE Application is required from all first-time applicants for Dartmouth financial aid.   The form is filed through the College Scholarship Service (CSS). You can register and complete the PROFILE online at Dartmouth's school code for CSS processing is 3351. Submit it electronically to CSS by November 1 for early decision, February 1 for regular decision, or March 1 for transfer students. If your parents are divorced or separated, use only the information for the parent and stepparent with whom you live. Estimate income and taxes for 2014, if necessary, to meet deadlines (do not complete with 2013 income information).

If you need to make a correction to the CSS Profile, you must print a copy of your Profile and make corrections on the paper form.  You may mail, email, or fax the corrected version of the CSS Profile to the Financial Aid Office.

Fee Waivers: The College Board automatically awards fee waivers based on financial information (income and assets) provided on the registration form. If the student is eligible based on the initial registration criteria, he/she will be permitted to skip the registration payment step. At the point the application is submitted, the student will be notified if the fee has been waived.

Additional Information for International Citizens (including Fee Waiver information):

We are using the College Scholarship Service PROFILE form to collect accurate, consistent information and to minimize the possibility for data entry errors. If the cost associated with the CSS PROFILE Form is going to present a significant financial burden for your family, you may request permission to use an alternative form. Please send an email to that provides the following information: 

  • Your country of residency
  • The number of family members who live in your parents' household
  • Your family's total 2014 income from all sources in U.S. dollars
  • The equity (value minus debt) of your family's assets in U.S. dollars
  • The exchange rate that you used to convert your currency to U.S. dollars

We will review the information and respond to you by email.



Noncustodial Parent's PROFILE Application

If your biological or adoptive parents are divorced, separated, and are not living in the same household, your noncustodial parent must complete the Noncustodial Parent PROFILE form on the College Board's website. The College Board will email you instructions for completion of the online application to forward to your noncustodial parent. Your noncustodial parent's information will not be accessible to you and your custodial parent.

Submit the Noncustodial Parent PROFILE form online by November 15 for early decision, February 15 for regular decision, or March 15 for transfer students.


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Last Updated: 10/16/14