Film Studies 45: U.S. Television History

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Course Calendar:
Week 1
Sept 25 Course Introduction
Screening: The Story of Television (1956) excerpt; Marty (1953)

** PM Assignment: watch "live" telecast of E.R. on NBC **

Week 2
Sept 30 Early Technology (telegraph to telephone), World War I
Read: Barnouw pp. 3-50; Hilmes intro, chpts 1 & 2

Oct 1 Lab: Early Radio Programming
Library: Lears on advertising

Oct 2 The rise of mass culture and advertising; Issues of early radio
Library: Boddy, Smulyan, McChesney on rise of radio
Lab: Radio formats and genres

Week 3
Oct 7 Radio networks; The Depression and 1930s programming
Read: Barnouw pp. 51-77; Hilmes, chpts 3 - 6
Library: Vianello on "liveness"
Lab: Empire of the Air (Burns, 1991) part 1

Oct 8 Empire of the Air (Burns, 1991) part 2

** PM Assignment: MTVR Seminar on Frasier, 8:30pm **

Oct 9 Radio & the Hollywood Studios; World War II Programming
Read: Barnouw pp. 77-96; Hilmes chpts 7 & 8
Lab: Radio Drama; War of the Worlds

Week 4 [Oct 13 - Paper #1 Due before 4pm]
Oct 14 Early television
Read: Barnouw pp. 99-148; Hilmes pp. 271-290
Library: Marc on TV formats; Schwoch on advertising, MBS ntwk
Lab: Berle, Caesar, and Kovacs; I Love Lucy

Oct 15 Library: Lipsitz on ethnicity; Spigel on 1950s relations to TV
Lab: The Goldbergs; The Honeymooners

** PM Assignment: Seminar on Prime Time Scheduling, 8:30pm **

Oct 16 Fifties news and sitcoms; Quiz Scandals and The Wasteland
Read: Barnouw pp. 151-260
Library: Boddy on TV public relations crisis

Week 5
Oct 21 1950s Television genres
Guest speaker: James Steffensen on early network television

Oct 22 Mid-Term Exam

Oct 23 Early 1960s Television
Read: Barnouw pp. 260-340
Lab: JFK assassination coverage

Week 6
Oct 28 Televising the 60s
Read: Spigel/Curtin intro, chpts 1, 7, 11, 13
Lab: Alfred Hitchcock Presents; The Outer Limits

Oct 29 Lab: The Time Tunnel

Oct 30 Television vs. The Counterculture
Read: Barnouw pp. 343-468
Library: Gitlin on 1960s and TV
Lab: Playboy After Dark; The Smothers Brothers

Week 7
Nov 4 1960s-1970s TV
Read: Spigel/Curtin chpts 3, 4, 6, 9
Lab: The Mod Squad

Nov 5 Library: Feuer on MTM Productions
Lab: The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Nov 6 1970s Telefilms; Rise of Satellite Technology
Read: Barnouw pp. 469-490;
Library: Schulze on TV Movies; Gomery on Brian's Song;
MacDonald on depictions of blacks
Lab: Brian's Song (1971)

Week 8
Nov 11 1970s-1980s Television
Read: Barnouw pp. 492-543; Spigel/Curtin chpt 10

Nov 12 Lab: Prime Time Soaps
Library: Gripsrud on Dynasty

** PM Assignment: MTVR Seminar on Situation Comedies, 8:30pm **

Nov 13 1980s Television; Rise of Cable
Library: Collins on postmodernism; Boddy on alternative TV
Lab: Twin Peaks

Week 9
Nov 18 MTV and the Move Toward Televisuality
Library: Goodwin on MTV; Caldwell on new TV aesthetics

** PM Assignment: MTVR Seminar on CBS Evening News, 8:30pm **

Nov 19 no x-hour today - work on your papers!

Nov 20 The Gulf War as TV Event
Library: Dayan and Katz on media events;
Shohat, Cloud, Norris on Gulf War coverage

Week 10
Nov 25 Defining 1990s TV
Read: Spigel/Curtin chpts 2, 14, 16; Caldwell on LA Uprising
Guest Lecture: Martin Favor on Gen-X TV, Rodney King, OJ

Nov 27 ** Thanksgiving Break **

Week 11 [Dec 1 - Research Paper Due before 4pm]
Dec 2 Into the Cyber-Future: New Technologies and TV
Library: TBA

Dec ? Final Exam

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