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Tiltfactor to hold Open House

Feeling PLAYFUL this Autumn?

Join us anytime 4-7pm this Thursday, 12th of November for the TILTFACTOR OPEN HOUSE at 304 North Fairbanks!


Visit Dartmouth's GAME RESEARCH LABORATORY, Tiltfactor


ENCOUNTER our research with the National Science Foundation, Microsoft, the National Endowment for the Humanities, Values at Play, and the Games and Learning Institute!

PLAY our games (such as the casual hit of the spring, LAYOFF, and our new board game, VEXATA)!


EXPLORE the games of Dartmouth's student game designers!

JAM with Rockband -- and SING so much, you'll be a POPSTAR!!

EAT like Pac-Man from our esteemed snacks while you play!

ASK us about digital culture and games-related majors, minors, and courses!


HOSTS: Tiltfactor lab Director Mary Flanagan, Design Director Zara Downs, and the student community: Michelle Earhart, Jack Bowman, Anna Lotko, Denise Zhong, Linden Vongsathorn, Brendan Scully, Parker Phinney, Cole Ott, and more!


Students, Faculty, Staff, and the Community are all welcome.


GAMES BY: Tiltfactor, Linden Vonsathorn, Kate Schnippering, Brendan Scully, E McNeil, Max Seidman, and more!!


Location: 304 North Fairbanks

(near Thayer Dining, same white building as Tucker Foundation, but different entrance).

Time: 4-7pm

Date: Thursday November 12th

Tiltfactor Open House Tiltfactor Open House

some images from the Open House

Last Updated: 11/17/09