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Professor Jodie Macks' films to be screened

Professor Mack's animations have been selected to participate in various festivals this spring:

-For its 50th anniversary year, the Ann Arbor Film Festival selected two of Professor Mack's animations for the screening program. She will exhibit a loop in a shop window as part of the festival's 50 screens celebration. Additionally, she will display the bike zoetrope created with the engineering department and also auction off handmade phenakistoscopes to benefit the festival.

-Mack's films, Posthaste Perennial Pattern and unsubscribe #1 will screen as part of the intermittent Motion Program at Black Hole Cinema in San Francisco on 4/1.

-Mack will present works by Dartmouth students 4/11-14 at the 8th Orphan Film Symposium, where she received the Helen Hill Award in 2010. Additionally, the symposium commissioned her and animator Danielle Ash to create a cameraless animation on 70mm film. This will also screen at the symposium.

-Mack's animation "The Future is Bright" is scheduled to screen in Brussels, Belgium as part of Filem'on.

-Professor Mack will present a retrospective program at the James River Film Festival in Richmond, VA on 4/15. The same week she will serve as a visiting artist in the Virginia Commonwealth University department of Kinetic imaging.

-For its 25th anniversary year, the Images Festival in Toronto selected two of Professor Mack's animations for its screening program. Further, Mack will deliver a workshop on pre-cinematic optical toys during the festival.

-Professor Mack's film RAD PLAID has been selected to go on tour with the Stop and Go touring program of animations. The tour will hold screenings in San Francisco, Oakland, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leiden, Berlin, Zagreb, and Pula.

Last Updated: 3/26/12