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Jeremy Teicher '10 works with large cast of young actors for Honors Project

"Foursquare Day" was shot over the course of three days, 4/22-4/24, on location at the Lyme Elementary School and at a cast member's home in Lyme, NH. The shoot featured a total of nearly twenty young actors and was crewed by four Dartmouth students (including director of photography Emma Clement '10 and Stephen Jangro '11, Assistant Director Lior Bassell '10, and Sound Operator Brian May '10).

Reflecting on the experience, Jeremy said "Although I've had experience making films before, this shoot was the first time I've gotten to work closely with people who aren't fellow students: from Faith Catlin, my producer (30+ years of NYC theater experience), to the actors, fourth and fifth graders, I've now been able to experience creative collaboration with a wide spectrum of people. This new experience has proven to be challenging at times but also very rewarding; I've gained lots of practical knowledge about directing larger-scale productions and really learned what it means to keep your actors and crew engaged--because trust me, it's not easy to keep 20 fifth graders focused enough to perform for an entire day of shooting."

"Foursquare Day" will premiere at a screening in the Loew Theater at 5 PM on Wednesday, June 26th.

Jeremy Teicher on location Jeremy Teicher on location Jeremy Teicher on location Jeremy Teicher on location Jeremy Teicher on location

Last Updated: 5/26/10