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We are looking for creative and self-motivated scientists at all stages (postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates) to join our lab.

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The Fu lab is focused on studying principles that govern dynamics of evolving systems across different domains and at different scales. Our research is highly interdisciplinary and combines mathematical and computational approaches with analysis of experimental and observational data for a better understanding of fundamental questions in the biological, social, and medical sciences. Our current research interests include blockchain technology and its applications, evolutionary dynamics of cancer and treatment strategies, infectious diseases dynamics and network-based health interventions, and evolution of cooperation in structured populations.

Lab News

March 2018 We are excited about announcing the Dartmouth Mathematics REU Program for the Mathematics of Misinformation (led by Anne Gelb and Feng Fu) Summer 2018!
January 2018 Lab undergraduate researcher Jonathan Meng'18 presents his research on studying gambling behavior in online cryptocurrency-based casio at the 2018 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego.
January 2018 Lab undergraduate researcher Tucker Evans'19 presents his research on modeling the emergence of echo chambers in opinion formation at the 2018 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego.
October 2017 Our paper with Xiaoguang Huo (2017 REU student from Cornell) has been accepted by Royal Society Open Science. Congratulations, Xiaoguang!
September 2017 SIAM News Online features lab graduate student Xingru Chen's research on vaccine compliance. Congratulations, Xingru!
June 2017 Lab undergraduate researcher Ran Zhuo's senior thesis receives high honor. Ran will go to Harvard for her PhD study. Many congratulations!
May 2017 We are excited about announcing the Dartmouth Mathematics REU Program (led by Anne Gelb and Feng Fu) Summer 2017!
January 2017 Feng is teaching a new graduate course on stochastics. Check it out!
September 2016 Feng is teaching is a new topics class on evolutionary game theory for the QSS program.
June 2016 Undergraduate students Ryan Schiller and Daniel Salas win the second prize in the annual undergraduate poster session for their joint research work performed in my Math 60 class of spring 2017. Congrats, Ryan and Dan!
August 2015 Feng is invited to give a talk on modeling vaccination behavior at ICIAM2015 in Beijing.
June 2015 Our lab page is online. Feedbacks are welcome!
May 2015 Feng gave a talk on targeting HIV latency at the 22nd HIV Evolution & Dynamics Conference at Budapest.
April 2015 Victor Garcia joins us to work on mathematical modeling of cancer immunotherapy.
March 2015 Feng will be starting a tenure-track position at Dartmouth September 2015!