DCFC Dominates NE Club Champs! (link)


Congratulations to:

The Big One 2010

Peter Horak (ME) – 9th Place

Gabrielle Stern (WF) – 12th Place

Stuart Ghafoor (MF) – 15th Place

Year: 2009F – 2010S

Congratulations to:

Club Nationals 2010


Jenny Stone (WE) – 4th Place
Hathairat Sawaengsri (WS) – 1st Place


Men’s Foil: 15th of 36
Men’s Epee: 16th of 36
Men’s Sabre: 20th of 36

Women’s Sabre: 11th out of 29
Women’s Foil: 12th out of 29
Women’s Epee: 16th out of 30

New England Club Championships 2010


Men’s Epee – 1st Place
Men’s Foil – 2nd Place
Men’s Sabre – 3rd Place
Women’s Epee – 1st Place
Women’s Sabre – 3rd Place
Women’s Foil – 4th Place


Dave Seliger (ME) – 2nd Place
Tan Chen (MF) – 3rd Place
Tian Xu (MF) – 5th Place
Jenny Stone (WE) – 1st Place
Hathairat Sawaengsri (WS) – 3rd Place
Divya Gunasekaran (WF) – Placed 4th Individuals


Men’s Team – 2nd Place
Women’s Team – 2nd Place

New Englands 2010

David Seliger (ME)  – 4th Place
Trevy Wing (ME) – 12th Place
Jenny Stone (WE) – 5th Place
Hathairat Sawaengsri (WS) – 5th Place

The Big One 2009

Hathairat Sawaengsri (WS) – 9th Place

Year: 2008F – 2009S

Congratulations to:

Tian Xu ‘12 and Dave Seliger ‘12 for placing 9th and 5th respectively at “The Big One”

Dave Seliger ‘12 for being named to NIFC’s All-Star team

Hathairat Sawaengsri ‘10 for placing 6th at New Englands

Jenny Stone ‘10 and Hathairat Sawaengsri ‘10 for placing 4th and 6th respectively at the USACFC

Year: 2007F – 2008S

Congratulations to:

David Mackenzie ‘08 and Franklin Rea ‘08 for making the Second Team All Stars for New England

The Women’s Foil Squad and Men’s Sabre Squad for placing 6th at the 2008 Club Fencing Championships

Stephanie Han ‘11 for placing in the top ten at the 2008 Club Fencing Championships

The Women’s team for taking Best Women’s Club Team at the 2008 New England Championships for the third straight year!

Caroline J. Lee ‘08 and Franklin Rea ‘08 for placing in the individual top ten at the 2008 New England Championships

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