Accidental Entrepreneurs

Engineering majors Krystyna Miles ’16 of North Salem, New York, and 
Shinri Kamei ’16, of Tokyo, Japan, met in “ENGS 21: Introduction to 
Engineering,” when they were charged […]

August 2014


Bryan Thomson ’16, from Boulder, Colorado, came to Dartmouth planning to be a government major. But a history course on “Crusades and Jihad” and an intensive experience in […]

August 2014

Super Conductor

Kate Huffer ’15, a neuroscience and biological chemistry major from Green Bay, Wisconsin, is a student conductor of Dartmouth Youth Winds, a program that brings local middle school […]

August 2014

Creative Spirit

Ryan Hueston ’14, of Montgomery, Alabama, and southern California, is a studio art major with a minor in film and media studies. His work is displayed throughout the […]

May 2014