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Curriculum Vitae (July 2008)

PUBLIshed and forthcoming papers:

Maternal Labor Supply and the Introduction of Kindergartens into American Public Schools.  The Journal of Human Resources, Forthcoming Winter 2009.


Pre-publication version (December 2007)

PDF    Abstract


From Brown to Busing (with Nora Gordon, Ethan Lewis and Sarah Reber).  Journal of Urban Economics, Forthcoming.


Pre-publication version (January 2008)

PDF    Abstract


Summary in Insights on Southern Poverty 6(1), Summer 2008:



“From Brown to Busing:  Desegregation in Southern Schools”



Education and the Age Profile of Literacy into Adulthood (with Damon Clark and Nora Gordon).  Forthcoming, Journal of Economic Perspectives, 22(3), Summer 2008.


NBER Working Paper 14073 (June 2008)

PDF    Abstract


Summary in FRBSF Economic Letter 2008-22:



“Can Young Americans Compete in a Global Economy?”

html    PDF


Schooling and the Armed Forces Qualifying Test:  Evidence from School-Entry Laws (with Ethan Lewis).  The Journal of Human Resources, 41(2), Spring 2006, 294-318.


Pre-publication version (October 2005)

PDF    Abstract


First in the Class?  Age and the Education Production Function (with Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach)


NBER Working Paper 13663 (December 2007)  

PDF    Abstract




Do Large Investments in Early Education Pay Off?  Long-Term Effects of Introducing Kindergartens into Public Schools


Mimeo (July 2007) *



Financial Incentives and the Desegregation of Southern Public Schools (with Nora Gordon, Ethan Lewis, and Sarah Reber)


Mimeo (November 2005)

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School Progression and the Grade Distribution of Students:  Evidence from the Current Population Survey.  Revision requested at the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics


IZA Discussion Paper 1747 (September 2005)

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