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Ethics Bowl

Dartmouth undergraduates compete for spots on the annual Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Team, held in conjunction with the Association of Practical and Professional Ethics Conference in February. Four to six students are selected for the highly competitive national event that challenges teams to solve a moral dilemma in a short period of time. The responses are judged by nationally recognized scholars. The goal of the competition is to have students work through difficult issues in a meaningful way and craft a response that represents a consensus of opinion.

Any interested Dartmouth undergraduates should contact Aine Donovan.

Congratulations to the Dartmouth Ethics Bowl team!

Dartmouth came in first out of 16 teams in the 2011 Northeast Regional Ethics Bowl! They qualified for the National Ethics Bowl competition in March.

The Northeast Regional Ethics Bowl was held at Union College in Schenectady, N.Y. on November 12, 2011. The team advanced to the 16th Intercollegiate National Ethics Bowl Competition in Cincinnati which will be held on March 1, 2012. Members of the team include President of the Dartmouth Ethics Society, Matt Jorgensen '12, Shengzhi Li '12, Erich Hartfelder '12, Annie Lape '13 and Amanda Young '15.

The team debated a total of 15 ethics cases ranging on topics from Qur'an burning to attractiveness discrimination in hiring.  Dartmouth will face 32 other debate squads at the national competition in March.


2011 regional ethics bowl team

2011 Northeast Regional Ethics Bowl

(L-R) Annie Lape '13, Erich Hartfelder '12, Matt Jorgensen '12, Shengzhi Li '12, and Amanda Young, ’15.

More pictures

Dartmouth Ethics Bowl team 2010

2010 Northeast Regional Ethics Bowl

(L-R Back) Zain Ul-Abideen '12, Jon Choi '11, Mimi Rich '12, Gina Greenwalt '14,

Brendan Mooney '14,Michelle Shu '14, Mandy Bowers '14, Aine Donovan (coach)

(L-R Front) Svati Narula '13, Connie Shang '13


Regional Ethics Bowl - Dartmouth Team A

2009 Regional Ethics Bowl - Dartmouth Team A

(L-R) Tae Ho Kim '13, Shengzhi Li '12, Philip Back '10,

Matt Jorgensen '12, Gurveen Chadha '13


2012 Regional Ethics Bowl - Dartmouth Team

2012 Regional Ethics Bowl - Dartmouth Team

(L-R) John Howard '15, Svati Narula '13,

and Annie Lape, '13



The Dartmouth Ethics Society is an undergraduate student society sponsored by the Ethics Institute.  The team members for the Regional and National Ethics Bowls are chosen from interested DES members.

DES Officers for the 2012-2013 Academic Year:

President: Svati Narula '13

Vice-President: John Howard '15

Treasurer/Secretary: Annie Lape '13

Last Updated: 1/22/13