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Ethics Minor Syllabi

The syllabi posted here may not be current and cannot substitute for material distributed to a specific class. Under no circumstances should students seeking information about assignments in a course in which they are currently enrolled use these syllabi. Even if the syllabus appears to be in use, it cannot be assumed to be up-to-date. Rather, the syllabi posted here are intended to be used for broad informational purposes — to assist students as they plan their academic programs or to guide them to readings on topics they may find interesting. We hope you find them useful!

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Required Introductory Courses

GOVT 6. Political Ideas

PHIL 8. Introduction to Moral Philosophy

PHIL 37. Ethical Theory

PHIL 38. Political and Social Philosophy

REL 11. Religion and Morality


Other Courses Currently Available for the Minor (at least 3 are required):

ANTH 17. The Anthropology of Illness

ANTH 18. Introduction to Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 45. Asian Medical Systems

ANTH 50.8 The Cross-Cultural Study of Values: Universal and Particular

ANTH 55. Anthropology of International Health

ANTH 56. Introduction to Research Methods in Medical Anthropology

BIOL 4. Genes and Society (see website for course info)

CLAS 3. Reason and the Good Life: Socrates to Epictetus

EDUC 29. Policy and Politics in American Education

EDUC 62. Adolescent Development

ENGS 5. Healthcare and Biotechnology in the 21st Century (see website for course info)

GEOG 13. Population, Culture, and Environment

GEOG 16. Moral Economies of Development

GEOG 25. Social Justice and the City

GERM 13. Beyond Good and Evil

GOVT 36. The Making of American Public Policy

GOVT 60. Topics in Political Theory or Public Law

GOVT 64.1 Liberalism and Its Critics

GOVT 62.  Theorizing Free Speech

* GOVT 61. Jurisprudence

GOVT 63. Origins of Political Thought: Render unto God or unto Caesar?

GOVT 67. Civil Liberties Legal and Normative Approaches

GOVT 86.01 Multiculturalism

GOVT 86.18 Contemporary Readings on Justice

PBPL 42. Ethics and Public Policy

PHIL 9. Topics in Applied Ethics: Reproductive Ethics

PHIL 22. Feminism and Philosophy

PHIL 24. Philosophy of Law

PHIL 25. Philosophy of Medicine

PHIL 50. Special Topics in Philosophy: Relativism in Epistemology and Ethics

PHIL 80. Advanced Seminar: Practical Reason, Action and the Foundation of Ethics

REL 29. Kierkegaard and Existentialism

RUSS 35. Dostoevsky and the Problem of Evil

SOCY 63. Trust in Society (formerly 26)

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