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Aaron Scholar Program

Aaron Scholars 2016

2016 Aaron Scholar Program at the University of Miami Center for Ethics and Public Service

Aaron Scholar Program at the University of Miami School of Law

The Ethics Institute partners with the Center for Ethics and Public Service at the University of Miami School of Law to provide an intensive five-day seminar in applied ethics and the law. Professor Anthony Alfieri (University of Miami Professor of Law and Dean's Distinguished Scholar) and Professor Aine Donovan work with a select group of Dartmouth undergraduate students to explore issues of legal ethics, environmental law, conflict resolution and community service.  Annual program during December break.

Meet the 2016 Aaron Scholars

Jarely LopezJarely Lopez, Environmental Studies, '19 My name is Jarely Lopez and I’m a ’19 from Oxnard, California. I plan to major in Environmental Science or Geography with a minor in Government. As a contester of social justice within a community and growing up in a place where I experienced environmental pollution, I am interested in how ethics attack these inequalities. People have a right to express their injustices and have their voices reflect the laws in this country, without the fear of being threatened. I want to be the person that facilitates this conversation for a positive change.

alexis wallaceAlexis Wallace, Pre Law, '17 My primary interest in ethics developed after visiting a family friend at a hospital a few years ago. She was on life support, and unfortunately her family chose to “pull the plug” when I had seen her alive just moments before. This situation made me question what is and what is not ethical in the field of healthcare. On a broader spectrum, it inspired me to consider the field of medical malpractice and even develop groups to assist families facing these major ethical dilemmas in the future. I intend to attend law school and use the Juris Doctorate to further public policies that would benefit communities at large. Specifically, I am interested in health law, environmental law, and public interest programs.

rafael nunezRafael Nunez, Jr., Government, '18 I am currently a Junior and double majoring in Romance Languages/Government. I aspire to go to law school after college and eventually  work with civil rights issues and possibly work in the public sector as a policy maker. I am interested in ethics  because it is a field that encompasses every discipline. No matter what your career may be, there are always ethical questions that arise. During my time at Dartmouth, I feel like my classes haven’t always incorporated ethics into their instruction. I’m really interested in ethics as it pertains to a country’s treatment of its citizens. Specifically, we are living through a period of police brutality and I would like to explore the ethics related to the killing of (in many cases) innocent people by law enforcement. What is the boundary between ethics and legality in this situation? Does the U.S. government have a higher ethical obligation to protect the welfare of its citizens? How do we apply ethics in our career fields? I simply want to begin to discuss ethics within the context of society and its implications. This type of thought is something that I find essential but that I haven’t always come across during my time at Dartmouth.

Peter Peter Charalambous, Pre-Law and Government, '20 I am currently a freshman studying government. After graduating, I plan to attend law school and focus on immigration law. Being the son of two immigrants, I have always been interested in legal system surrounding the immigration into the United States. In its current state, immigration courts burden families which are only searching for a better life in the United States with bureaucracy. In the future, I hope to help represent these individuals and families attain citizenship as well as help overhaul certain aspects of the system to create a more welcoming platform to oversee immigration cases. I hope to help ensure that the United States can still be a haven for immigrants, regardless of socioeconomic background.


Haley GordonHaley Gordon, Government, '18 As a government major, I have become very interested in ethics in politics, especially in how ethics and morals are applied or perhaps adjusted for “real world” situations when outside pressures are strong and cost-benefit analysis might not come out in favor of the ethically preferable choice. I am also majoring in theater, with a focus in playwriting. I find ethical dilemmas particularly strong and dynamic to represent dramatically, and I have often tried to play with these dramatizations in my own writing. I think it’s worthwhile to explore and examine the subject of ethics because regardless of the field I enter after graduation, I’d like to leave Dartmouth having developed an educated ethical perspective.

 olivia fineOlivia Fine, Pre Law/Environmental Studies, '20 I am currently a freshman hoping to major/minor in some combination of Government, Environmental Studies, English and Ethics. I have been deeply involved in environmental causes and research over the past few years. Additionally, social justice issues are of the utmost importance to me and I have been involved in a variety of equity work. Ethical dilemmas constantly arise in both areas and up until now, I lacked the resources to interrogate them. So, I look forward to expanding my knowledge of and exploring a wide variety of ethical issues over my time at Dartmouth. I hope to graduate equipped to affect positive change in the world, with the help of a strong background in ethics.


Else DrooffElse Drooff, Geography Major and Public Policy Minor '18 Else Drooff ’18 is a Geography Major and Public Policy Minor, primarily interested in issues of education inequality since serving on the Board of Education during her senior year of high school. Else is the current President of Dartmouth Education Society as well as the Student Director for Multi-Faith Conversations by the Tucker Center. Next year, Else is hoping to write a thesis on education law and continue to develop her interest in ethics.



Josefina Ruiz Pre Law,'17

Zachary Port, '20

Marcus Shaw, Pre Law, '20

Testimonials from 2015 Scholars

"I found my time as an Aaron Scholar at the University of Miami Law School to be worthwhile and intellectually rewarding. Throughout the speaker series and discussions, I learned about how law shapes many of the realities that communities experience, from rising sea levels to standardized testing gaps. I was also inspired after meeting many legal professionals who have devoted their careers to improve the justice system and serve people in Miami. Finally, the program allowed me to broaden my career plans, and also to form friendships with fellow Dartmouth students."_Reem Chamseddine '17

"Participating in the Aaron Scholars Program has been such a privilege. During this enriching program, we learned about how the law and ethics affect environmental preservation, public service initiatives, and entrepreneurship. In addition to listening to informative and interesting lectures by faculty members, we were able to see first-hand how the law and ethics influenced our society during our field trips to the Historic Black Church Program and The Lab Miami. The Aaron Scholars Program has been a rewarding experience. I am very grateful for the memories and friendships that I have made – thank you Dartmouth College for this amazing opportunity!" _Jonathan Lu '19

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