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Meet the Minors

 Laura Hayes '16 Government










 Carly Schnitzler '16 English modified with Philosophy


Reason for Minor: I have always been interested in applied ethics, especially in relation to the role of media in societal perception of ethical issues, so combining an ethics minor with an English/Philosophy major seemed like a natural fit. The minor brings my modified major together quite well - it provides a beautiful framework for me to bridge the gap between the literary empirical and the philosophical abstract in my studies.

Culminating project I will be exploring domestic nutritional and educational inequalities (and how the two interact) and what ethical solutions have been or should be proposed to attempt to remedy them.


Leda Espinoza '16 Biology 

LedaCulminating Project:








 Iris Liu '16 Biology

Iris Liu

Culminating Project: "Ethical Implications of Transitional Challenges in Hospice Enrollment: Quality Standards and the Affordable Care Act"

As the quality of end-of-life care in America has come under increasing fire in recent years, health care providers, patients and legislators have faced numerous challenges in addressing the stigma surrounding palliative and end-of-life care.






 Josh Tupler '16 Government


Culminating Project: "Strategic Schizoid: the Puzzle of Canadian Ballistic Missile Defense"







 Jake Bayer '16 Government

 Jake BayerReason for Minor:  

The study of ethics has trained my moral reasoning and helped me better address challenging personal and professional decisions. Ethics touches upon a variety of fields and studies the uppermost levels of values and logic within them. 

Culminating Project:  My senior project will examine the cultural representations and storytelling techniques of modern pop culture to study their implied ethical systems.






 Christine Mayberry '16 History

Christine MayberryCulminating Project: 











Allison Liegner '17

Marie Plecha '16 Government

Marie Plecha

Taylor Woolrich '16 Economics

Sonia Robiner '16 Economics

Sonia Robiner

Sarah Zmarrou '16 Government

Storey Pickett Dyer Kloman '17


Michelle Martinez '17 Psychology


Issa Sylla '17 Undeclared


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