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Meet the Minors


Lara BalickLara Balick, Biology, '19

Reason for Minor: I am captivated by the intersection of life sciences, business, and ethics, particularly in the areas of regenerative medicine, gene therapy/ gene editing, and artificial intelligence.

New technologies are changing how health care is delivered. This explosion of technological innovation is allowing people to take control of their own health in ways never before possible. I want to be at the epicenter of these changes.

 I’m studying ethics because in my career I want to find my own meaningful roles in shaping big, world-changing ideas. My dream is to help create a society where rapid innovations in science, technology, and business improve accessibility to health care.


Bill KosmidisBill Kosmidis, Government, '19

Reason for Minor: Bill Kosmidis, a member of the Class of 2019, is majoring in Government with a concentration in International Relations, and double minoring in Public Policy and Ethics.  With the goal of attending law school after Dartmouth, Bill’s desire to minor in Ethics arose from his concern with the ethical implications that lawmakers and the policies they enact have on our society and the international community as a whole.  The Ethics Minor supplements Bill’s education by training his mind to morally apply the theories and concepts he learns in his classes within the context of real world ethical scenarios.

Caroline Braun, Neuroscience, '18

 Caroline Braun


Brooke Ahbe, Psychology, '18

Brooke AhbeReason for Minor: I am a Psychology major and looking to expand my knowledge of education and research ethics. An ethics minor allows me to expand my knowledge of Psychology with education courses focusing on research methods on how to improve learning. I get to discuss and listen from different societal backgrounds that aid my psychology curriculum. The ethics minor allows me to gain a more open and understanding mindset that allows my psychology knowledge to be used in a more ethical manor.

Else DrooffElse Drooff, Geography, '18










 Lillian ZhaoLillian Zhao, '19






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