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Meet the Minors

  Katie Bernhard, '15 Environmental Studies

Katie BernhardCulminating Project: To be determined! I am considering focusing on either laboratory animal testing (can animal testing be considered ethical if in a scientific context, resulting in the greater good of the species or humanity?) or industrial agriculture.

Reason for minor: I have always been interested in bioethics, animal rights, and agricultural/industrial ethics. An understanding of ethical theory is very important but has been largely left out of modern discourse; I think that more students and academics today should have at least a background in ethical theory or practice.



Kelly Brait, '14 Economics

 Kelly BraitCulminating Project: I am an Economics major, focused on international development, and I wanted a more qualitative assessment of the subject in addition to the quantitative economic analysis, especially when a lot of economic practice is criticized for only serving the interest of the bottom line. Development economics presents several controversial issues, and I wanted to be able to add an ethical component to the normative economic questions. Broadly, my independent study will focus on some component of labor in a developing country, which will provide me with an exciting opportunity to combine my studies economics and ethics in international development.

Reason for minor: I decided to minor in Ethics because I am very conscious of "doing the right thing," and I wanted to define and understand better what that really is. I find ethical dilemmas fascinating in their sometimes torturous scenarios, and I want to really explore the topic of ethics to make myself a more ethical person and to hopefully be able to implement those ethical practices into the things I do.




 Victoria Rackohn, '14 Psychology

Victoria RackohnCulminating Project: The Ethics of Coaching Elite Child Athletes in Relation to the Development of Anxiety and Depression.

Reason for Minor: I chose to be an ethics minor because I find ethics to be a very intellectually stimulating subject. All of the classes I have taken so far for my ethics minor have been fascinating and among my favorite classes at Dartmouth. Additionally, the types of discussions that take place in these courses have challenged me to think differently, exposed me to a variety of viewpoints of both my classmates and teachers, and have allowed me to form strong arguments for my own opinions. I chose my culminating project topic because I am very interested in pursuing research on the subject. Prior to Dartmouth, I was an elite figure skater competing for the United States. Training in an ice rink for up to five hours a day seven days a week, spending time at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO, and traveling to numerous competitions across the country and internationally exposed me to many coaches and figure skaters. This experience made me question if the type of coaching methods implemented on elite athletes are ethical to be used on children who have not yet reached adulthood.



Andrew Kenealy, '15 Government concentrating on International Relations

Andrew KenealyCulminating Project: Not yet finalized!  I am considering taking a look into the ethics of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly called Obamacare.  I am intrigued by the moral quandaries surrounding healthcare in the U.S. that Obamacare proposes to solve, as well as the ethical issues that this policy presents.

Reason for Minor: First, I love that ethics classes span across many different academic departments.  This provides an opportunity to explore different parts of the academic offerings at Dartmouth, discovering both commonalities and differences in coursework, while still forming a cohesive "cluster" of related courses at the end of your minor.  Second, and more importantly, I feel that the ethics minor supplements my major of government perfectly.  I think that studying ethics provides a means of analyzing moral issues that will inevitably arise in any government class.



Parth KaulParth Kaul, '14 Government

Culminating Project:  The Ethics in Campaign Finance: Expenditure, Corruption, Inequality









Erik FagerstromErik Fagerstrom, '14 Biology

Culminating Project: A Call for Parity in the Regulation of Opioid Analgesics and Buprenorphine











 Dawn FinziDawn Finzi, '14 Psychology

Culminating Project:  A Critique of Objections to Physician-Assisted Suicide









Drew MolboskiDrew Molboski, '15 Russian








Sean GuptaVivek (Sean) Gupta, '15 Biology









Karampreet KaurKarampreet Kaur, '15 Biology (pre-med) 









 Julia HarrisonJulia Harrison '15 Biology









Erin Purcell '15 English

Josie Coury '15 Chemistry

Laura Hayes '16 Government

Carly Schnitzler '16 English modified with Philosophy

Leda Espinoza '16

Erika Daukas '16 History

Josh Tupler '16 Government

Taylor Woolrich '16

Jake Bayer '16 Government

Michelle Martinez '17


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