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2011-2012 Faculty Fellow: Dr. Russell Muirhead

Russell Muirhead
Dr. Russell Muirhead

The Ethics Institute is pleased to announce the appointment of Russell Muirhead, Robert Clements Associate Professor of Democracy and Politics, as the 2011-2012 Ethics Institute Faculty Fellow. Professor Muirhead received his A.B. (1988) and Ph.D. (1997) in government from Harvard University. In 1990, he earned a second bachelor’s degree at Oxford University in philosophy, politics and economics as a Rhodes Scholar. He has also received research funding from the Mellon Foundation and the National Science Foundation.

At the University of Texas, Muirhead has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in the history of political thought and themes in contemporary politics – including ethics, partisanship, philosophy, and morality. He is the author of Just Work (Harvard University Press, 2004) and numerous publications including "Respectable Partisanship" (The Arts of Rule, 2008) and "A Defense of Party Spirit" (Perspectives on Politics, 2006). He is currently working on a third book, Party Spirit, which explores how partisan commitments convey the ideal of good citizenship in a democracy.

The Faculty Fellow contributes to the Ethics Institute through his or her own research and publication activity in applied and professional ethics. He works collaboratively with the Director to develop and implement a research agenda for the academic year consistent with the Institute's mission: to promote interdisciplinary teaching and research in applied and professional ethics at Dartmouth College.


Last Updated: 1/25/11