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Winter 2011 Newsletter (pdf)

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Spring 2011 Dorsett Fellow

Ken Feinberg

Head of BP Claims Fund; Special Master for Compensation


Tuesday May 10th, 2011

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From the Executive Director

A bumper sticker I spotted a few years ago carried a simple statement that sums up life in New Hampshire: “20 below keeps the riff-raff out”. What may seem like an exaggeration to those outside of Northern New England, has been a reality for us during this very cold winter of 2011. The blue skies and bright winter light belie the bitter temperatures that have students and faculty happily hunkered down in the library with a research project, or clustered together over a cup of coffee discussing issues of the day. Perhaps, like our most celebrated neighbor, J.D. Salinger, another great American novelist is emerging during the long winter quiet; or in our case, another ethics bowl championship! Read More>>


Northeast Regional Ethics Bowl

 NEREB 2010 - Dartmouth Team

2010 Northeast Regional Ethics Bowl Dartmouth Team

(L-R Back) Zain Ul-Abideen '12, Jon Choi '11, Mimi Rich '12, Gina Greenwalt '14, Brendan Mooney '14, Michelle Shu '14, Mandy Bowers '14, Aine Donovan (coach)

(L-R Front) Svati Narula '13, Connie Shang '13

After weeks of preparation, intense discussions over many pizzas, the Dartmouth Ethics Bowl team was ready to compete in the 2010 Northeast Regional Ethics Bowl. The Ethics Bowl is a debate-style competition sponsored by the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics. This year’s Northeast Regional Ethics Bowl, hosted by the Ethics Institute, drew 20 teams representing seventeen schools from across the northeast ranging from Maryland to Montreal. Teams of undergraduates faced off in front of a panel of judges to debate a variety of ethical issues. The level of volunteerism for judges, moderators, score keepers, was amazing. Professors, local business leaders, graduate students, physicians, all gave an entire day to help make this regional ethics bowl one of the very best ever. Read More>>

2011-2012 Faculty Fellow: Dr. Russell Muirhead

Russell Muirhead

The Ethics Institute is pleased to announce the appointment of Russell Muirhead, Robert Clements Associate Professor of Democracy and Politics, as the 2011-2012 Ethics Institute Faculty Fellow. Read More>>

2010-2011 Ethics Across the Curriculum Faculty Seminar

 Andrew Delbanco photo

EATC is an annual faculty seminar with the goal of helping faculty members to integrate ethics into their teaching and research. This year’s EATC participants represent all branches of the college: Thayer School of Engineering, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth Medical School, and the Arts and Sciences. The kick-off event for the 2010-2011 EATC program was a public lecture by Andrew Delbanco, Professor of American Studies at Columbia. Read More>>

Ethics Camp for Secondary School Educators

Ethics Camp 2010

 Following on the success of the faculty seminar for integrating ethics into the Dartmouth curriculum, the first annual Ethics Camp for Secondary School Educators seminar was held in July of 2010. This seminar was designed to help middle school and high school educators learn how to integrate ethics into their curriculum. Educators from NH, VT, MA, NY, NJ and China, representing disciplines from Social Studies to Mathematics, attended the 3-day seminar.

The positive response to the offering has led us to consider this a worthy yearly event. The 2nd Annual Ethics Camp for Secondary School Educators will be offered in July 2011.

2010-2011 Presidential Scholar

Matt JorgensenCongratulations to Matthew Jorgensen ’12 for qualifying as a 2010-2011 Presidential Scholar. Jorgensen will be working with Professor Aine Donovan on a business ethics research project. The Presidential Scholars program was established in 1988 at the initiative of James O. Freedman, the 16th President of Dartmouth College. J. Launny Steffens ’63, endowed the program in 1997, and at his request, the program was renamed the James O. Freedman Presidential Scholars program in 2007. This program aims to provide students with an opportunity to work closely with a professor on a project and gain experience that will be useful when doing an Honors Thesis.

Page Grant

Aine Donovan was named a Page Legacy Scholar for the 2010-2011 academic year. The Arthur W. Page Center at the Penn State College of Communication awards grants to support scholars and professionals making important contributions to knowledge, practice, or public understanding of ethics and responsibility in corporate communication and other forms of public communication. Donovan’s research project is titled “Recalling Integrity” and focuses on the recent Toyota recall.

E. Rosenstock-Huessy Conference

The conference was formally titled, “The Moral Equivalent of War. From William James to Camp Williams James and Beyond: Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy and the Social Representation of Truth.” The conference commemorated the 100 year anniversary of the publication of Williams James’s famous essay, “The Moral Equivalent of War.” Read More>>

Conflict and Reconciliation Retreat

Conflict and Reconciliation Retreat

The spots for this retreat filled up fast as undergraduates scrambled to participate in this unique opportunity. Co-sponsored by the Dickey Center, the Ethics Institute, and the Dean of the College, the retreat focused on building negotiation and conflict resolution skills-practical skills that students could use in their daily lives and also to help students see how the skills play out in international conflict situations.

Conflict & Reconciliation Retreat Photo

Sean Nolon, Director of the Dispute Resolution Program at Vermont Law School, Mary Childers, Conflict Resolution Consultant & Dartmouth Ombudsperson, Daryl Press, Government Professor at Dartmouth College, and Aine Donovan served as facilitators for the weekend retreat. This project was generously supported by the Phillips/Holliday Family Fund.

Character Education

The Ethics Institute has been working with Character Education Partnership (CEP) to foster character education in New Hampshire. The Ethics Institute, with support from the NH Department of Education and CEP, manages the annual State Schools of Character awards program which recognizes schools or districts that demonstrate an outstanding character education that yields positive results in student behavior, school climate, and academic performance. Read More>>

Pediatric Ethics 2011



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