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Workshops and Conferences

Moral and Political Philosophy Workshop

This workshop seeks to bring leading scholars to Dartmouth to discuss a range of normative concerns that are at the core of the scholarly study of ethics.  The first workshop will take place on April 19th and 20th 2018.

Faculty Lunch Workshop

This is an internal workshop for Dartmouth faculty who are working on ethics related issues. Faculty may present work at any stage of the writing process.  The workshop will take place at the Institute over lunch.  The goal is to bring a wide range of Dartmouth faculty from across the College to participate. If you’re interested in presenting your work please contact the Director.


The Institute provides funds for conferences taking place at Dartmouth that intersect with ethical issues, broadly construed.  These funds normally do not exceed $1000.  If you’re seeking funding, please send a proposed budget and description of the conference to Diane Belback.


Last Updated: 9/12/17