Environmental Students at Dartmouth
Student Spotlight

From time to time, ESD likes to spotlight one of its environmentally conscious crusaders.

Dan Braden...in his own words.

A Brief Biography of Dan

"I'm a Dartmouth Student in the class of 2001 from Keene, New Hampshire. I have always loved the outdoors and got particularly sparked to work to preserve it by an ecology trip to the rainforests and coral reefs of Belize during my junior year of high school."

Dan's Main Environmental Interests

"I'm an environmental studies major hoping to go to Zimbabwe in Fall 1999. This term I have been chair of the Environmental Students at Dartmouth - it's been great working with a lot of dedicated and enthusiastic people. Aside from that, I'm the ECO Rep for Butterfield hall and a member of Dartmouth's Animal Advocacy group. I'm also active with the Dartmouth Organic Farm, where I'm going to be living this coming summer. My main environmental interest is enjoying life in a way that doesn't hurt others' ability to!"

Dan would love to hear from you, so get in touch with this ESD Star!


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