A Bit of History

The ESD was founded in the fall of 1969, at a time when the national environmental movement was beginning and excitement was high. A group of students involved in Dartmouth's Cabin and Trail Club and others taking courses related to ecology met in early October to discuss the possibility of making a new organization. Jay Evans '49, a member of the Board of Directors of the Dartmouth Outing Club, suggested that the group create a new DOC club. Enthusiasm was so strong that it was decided to make the group a full "division" of the DOC - paralleling the Cabin and Trail and Winter Sports Divisions of the DOC, then the biggest groups in the club - as compared to the Bait and Bullet, Mountaineering, and other smaller affiliate clubs of the DOC. George Kain III '70 was the first chair.

The group soon became quite popular, working to reform the College's environmental policies from the inside out. Their first big project was Earth Day, trying to raise awareness of the issues on campus. This was followed with Action Days to clean up local litter spots, recycling drives, seminars and workshops, and along the way led to the formation of the the academic department, the Environmental Studies Program.

ESD has been involved in a number of substantial projects since then, perhaps the most successful of which was the protest against the College's holdings in Hydro-Quebec, which ultimately resulted in a change of College policy, and the formation of the Organic Farm, which was pushed substantially by Jim Hourdequin '97, an ESD leader.

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