Conserving Paper at Dartmouth

As Dartmouth students we gleefully recognize that academia and education are truly wonderful. Still, they results in the consumption of massive amounts of paper. Encouraging conservative use of paper is, therefore, a significant part of ESD campaigns.

Did you know, by recycling one ton of paper you save:

17 trees
6953 gallons of water
463 gallons of oil
587 pounds of air pollution
3.06 cubic yards of landfill space, and
4077 kilowatt hours of energy ? 
How many tractor trailer trucks of paper do you think Dartmouth orders each year?
Enter your guess:
With all this in mind, the ESD has come up with a way of promoting awareness of paper usage at Dartmouth: Ecobooks.

During many of the meetings this term, members have gathered with paper collected near campus printers and photocopiers . Using ribbon and three-hole punchers, scratch paper notebooks were created. The books will be distributed at an ESD "Reuse" table in Collis. Students walking past who are carrying their Dartmouth Mugs will be given candy. Students will be offered "Ecobooks" as a reminder of all the paper they use and to encourage them to write on scrap paper whenever possible.

Below is an Interview with Juliana Garzon '99, who has lead the "Ecobooks" campaign.

Q: What do you hope the Ecobooks will accomplish?
A: Awareness ..they are meant to educate the campus. We want people to remember the lost R's: reducing and reusing. Everyone knows about recycling. The ecobooks are part of ESD's campaign to promote "reuse at Dartmouth." This goes along with encouraging people to use their mugs and use tuperware and their own silverware at collis, and so forth. We also plan to distribute information about ESD and ECO along with the notebooks. The ecobooks are not only reusing paper but reminding people about the importance of doing so.. the importance of being green.

Q: How many Ecobooks are you planning on distributing?
A: Right now we have nearly 200 Ecobooks, we make them at our weekly meetings. They are made of Kiewit scrap paper, bound with colorful string. We do not have an exact number that we hope to distribute... just want to have a nice big stack for our 'reuse' day at Collis.

Q: Do you see this as on ongoing campaign for ESD?
A: Definitely. We hope to distribute ecobooks every term. It is always good to remind people to reuse. In our hectic day to day lives it is easy to forget the importance of living an environmentally friendly life style.

Another way that ESD hopes to combat paper waste is through a Junkmail buster table by the Hinman mailboxes. Students will be encourgaged to sign a list that will eliminate their names from the mailing databases of a variety of companies. ESD hopes that this action will substantially reduce the amount of junkmail arriving to our College.

Want to learn more about reducing the amount of junkmail you get? click here!

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