Eric Zitzewitz
Professor of Economics
Dartmouth College

Research Associate
National Bureau of Economic Research


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Working Papers

  1. How Much Does Fund Size Erode Mutual Fund Performance?  A Regression Discontinuity Approach (with Jonathan Reuter)

  2. Incentive Effects of Equity Compensation:  Employee-Level Evidence from Google (with Bo Cowgill)

  3. Mood Swings at Work:  Stock Price Movements, Effort, and Decision Making (with Bo Cowgill)

  4. Do Gas Prices Vote for the Right?  Political Contributions Via Price Distortions

  5. Paired Corporate Bond Trades

  6. Insurance as Delegated Purchasing:  Theory and Evidence from Health Care (with Robin McKnight and Jonathan Reuter)


  1. Corporate Prediction Markets:  Evidence from Google, Ford, and Firm X, Review of Economics Studies, forthcoming (with Bo Cowgill)
  2. Wintertime for Deceptive Advertising? American Economic Journal:  Applied Economics, forthcoming (with Jonathan Zinman)

  3. Does Transparency Reduce Favoritism and Corruption?  Evidence from the Reform of Figure Skating Judging, Journal of Sports Economics, 2014

  4. Should Benchmark Indices Have Alpha?  Revisiting Performance Evaluation, Critical Finance Review, 2013 (with Antti Petajisto and Martijn Cremers)

  5. Forensic Economics, Journal of Economic Literature, 2012

  6. When Should Firms Share Credit With Employees?  Evidence from Anonymously Managed Mutual Funds, Journal of Financial Economics, 2010 (with Massimo Massa and Jonathan Reuter)

  7. Prosecutorial Discretion in Mutual Fund Settlement Negotiations, 2003-7 BE Journal of Applied Economics and Policy, 2009

  8. Using Markets to Inform Policy:  The Case of the Iraq War, Economica 2009 (with Justin Wolfers)
  9. The Promise of Prediction Markets, Science, 2008 (joint with 18 co-authors)

  10. Party Influence in Congress and the Economy Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 2007 (with Erik Snowberg and Justin Wolfers)

  11. Partisan Impacts on the Economy:  Evidence from Prediction Markets and Close Elections Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2007 (with Erik Snowberg and Justin Wolfers)

  12. How Widespread Was Late Trading in Mutual Funds? American Economic Association Papers & Proceedings, 2006
  13. Do Ads Influence Editors?  Advertising and Bias in the Financial Media Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2006 (with Jonathan Reuter)

  14. Nationalism in Winter Sports Judging and its Lessons for Organizational Decision Making Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 2006

  15. Prediction Markets Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2004 (with Justin Wolfers)

  16. Retrospective vs. Prospective Analyses of School Inputs:  The Case of Flip Charts in Kenya Journal of Development Economics, 2004 (with Paul Glewwe, Michael Kremer, and Sylvie Moulin)

  17. Who Cares About Shareholders?  Arbitrage-proofing Mutual Funds Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 2003

  18. Competition and Productivity in the U.S. and UK Tobacco Industry, 1879-1939 Journal of Industrial Economics, 2003

  19. Extending the East Asian Miracle:  Microeconomic Evidence from Korea Brookings Proceedings on Economic Activity:  Microeconomics, 1998 (with Martin Baily)

Book Chapters, Book Reviews and Law Review Articles

  1. "Retail Securities Regulation in the Aftermath of the Bubble" in Economic Regulation and Its Reform:  What Have We Learned? ed Nancy Rose, University of Chicago Press, 2014

  2. "Prediction Markets for Economic Forecasting" in Handbook of Economic Forecasting, Vol 2, ed. Graham Elliott and Allan Timmerman, Elsevier, 2014 (with Erik Snowberg and Justin Wolfers)

  3. "How Prediction Markets Can Save Event Studies" in Prediction Markets:  Theory and Application, ed. Leighton Williams, Routledge, 2011 (with Erik Snowberg and Justin Wolfers)

  4. Predicting Crime Arizona Law Review, 2010 (with Todd Henderson and Justin Wolfers)

  5. "A Review of 'Predictocracy,' by Michael Abramowitz," Journal of Economic Literature, 2009

  6. "Prediction Markets in Theory and Practice" in New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2nd edition, ed. Lawrence Blume and Steven Durlauf, Palgrave MacMillan (with Justin Wolfers)

  7. "Prediction Markets:  From Politics to Business (and Back)" in Handbooks in Finance:  Handbook of Sports and Lottery Markets, ed. Donald Hausch and Bill Ziemba, Elsevier, 2008 (with Erik Snowberg and Justin Wolfers)

  8. "Five Open Questions About Prediction Markets" in Information Markets:  A New Way of Making Decisions in the Public and Private Sectors, ed. Robert Hahn and Paul Tetlock, AEI-Brookings Press, 2006 (with Justin Wolfers)

  9. "Information (In)efficiency in Prediction Markets," in Information Efficiency in Financial and Betting Markets, ed. Leighton Vaughan Williams, Cambridge University Press, 2005 (with Erik Snowberg and Justin Wolfers)

  10. "Service Sector Productivity Comparisons:  Lessons for Measurement," in New Developments in Productivity Analysis, ed. Charles Hulten, Edwin Dean, and Michael Harper, University of Chicago Press, 2001 (with Martin Baily)

Older Working Papers

  1. Price Discovery Among the Punters:  Using New Financial Betting Markets to Predict Intraday Volatility

  2. Another Kind of 'Weekend Effect' in Financial Markets

  3. Regulation Fair Disclosure and the Private Information of Analysts

  4. Measuring Exaggeration and Herding by Equity Analysts

  5. Opinion Producing Agents:  Career Concerns and Herding

  6. A Strategic Rationale for Imperfect Disclosure

Popular Writing

  1. How Ski Jumping Gets Olympic Judging Right (and Figure Skating Gets it Wrong), Washington Post (Monkey Cage Blog), 2/12/2014

  2. The Folly of Making Political Prediction Markets Like Intrade Illegal, Reuters (Great Debate Blog), 11/27/2012

  3. Quantifying the Nightmare Scenarios II:  Why Have Long-Term Interest Rates Risen?, New York Times (Freakonomics Blog), 6/15/2009

  4. Quantifying the Nightmare Scenarios, New York Times (Freakonomics Blog), 3/2/2009

  5. Edwards Dropout Offers Boost to Obama, Wall Street Journal, 1/31/2008 (with Justin Wolfers)

  6. Experimental Political Betting Markets and the 2004 Election, The Economists' Voice, 2004 (with Justin Wolfers)

  7. The Furor Over 'Terrorism Futures', Washington Post, 7/31/2003 (with Justin Wolfers)

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