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The Dartmouth Physically-Based Biodosimetry Center for Medical Countermeasures Against Radiation
(Dart-Dose CMCR) is no longer accepting proposals.


Contact Information for Inquiries: [back to top]

  • Ann Barry Flood, Ph.D. [Director of Pilot Project Core at Dart-Dose CMCR and Associate Director of Dart-Dose CMCR] via email ( or at 603-650-1949,
  • Harold M. Swartz, M.D., Ph.D. [Director and PI of Dart-Dose CMCR] via email ( or at 603-650-1955 or at 603-653-3590 (Rubin office)

Frequently Asked Questions: [back to top]

Additional information on the Dart-Dose CMCR Pilot Projects can be found in the FAQs. Please read through them as they contain important information on the application process.

Funded Pilot Projects: [back to top]

A list of the funded pilot projects is available here.

Pilot Projects Publication and Presentation: [back to top]

A list of the Pilot Projects Publication and Presentations is available here.