Prouty 2015 - Help Fight Cancer Tooth and Nail

Please come to the Discovery Tent at the Prouty to see research in action and to help out by donating your fingernail clippings and/or
toenail clippings and signing up for measurements of your teeth. These measurements are part of our well-funded research program to enable
people who may have been inadvertently exposed to radiation (such as from major accidents involving radiation) to determine whether they
are at risk of experiencing acute radiation illness. The ability to carry out this unique research at Dartmouth was enabled by pilot grants
funded by the Prouty. Now we continue to use the annual Prouty to move the research forward (and to generate more funds for the Prouty,
because our sponsor, Clin-EPR, LLC, will donate to the Prouty whenever you provide nail clippings or participate in the demonstrations).

Volunteers are always needed to help make our research successful by donating nail clippings and having their teeth measured using our
portable EPR spectrometer.

SO--STARTING NOW UNTIL THE PROUTY, PLEASE STOP CLIPPING YOUR NAILS. Instead deliver them to us or get them clipped at our Discovery Tent
at the 2015 Prouty July 10 and 11. We will also demonstrate our most recent research instruments for tooth dosimetry. Remember: For each
person who donates clippings of fingernails or toenails or who participates in our tooth demonstrations, our sponsor will donate money to
the Prouty. This is our sponsor's and our way to say 'thank you' to you and the many research volunteers who participate in studies that
help make research successful in fighting cancer.

Learn about our newest research too--it uses EPR to improve cancer care. Again, thanks to prior support from the Prouty, The National
Cancer Institute awarded us 1.5 million dollars per year for 5 years (starting July 1, 2015) to develop a new EPR method to measure
oxygen in cancer tumors. If this research is successful, doctors in the future will be able to use our method in the clinic to improve the
effectiveness of radiation therapy or chemotherapy for cancer patients.

So come join us at the Prouty --or anytime you wish-- to volunteer or learn about our research. Please contact our clinical coordinators at or 603- 359-6478.
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