Prouty 2010

The Prouty is a fundraiser for the Norris Cotton Cancer at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. It will be held on Friday and Saturday July 9 and 10 at Richmond Middle School in Hanover, NH. The EPR Center will have a booth there to discuss our research, collect fingernail samples and even perform EPR measurements on the teeth of study participants using a portable EPR spectrometer. If you are attending the event, we would love for you to stop by our booth. If you plan on providing your fingernails, please let them grow out so that the samples will be as large as possible. Your participation in the research studies will help 'raise' money for the Cancer Center via corresponding donations by Clin-EPR, in the amounts of $25 for each person who participates in the tooth measurement study (and fills out an anonymous survey about the process), $5 for each person who provides fingernail samples, and $1 for each person who fills out a demographic questionnaire. Thanks for your support!

Here's how you can participate:
  • Before the Prouty
    To provide toe and fingernail clippings, grow your nails as long as possible before the Prouty on July 10 in Hanover. You can have them clipped at the Prouty in the Discovery tent. Or if you want to clip them ahead of the Prouty, clip them so as to leave as large of pieces as possible. Put fingernails in a separate bag from toenail clippings for each person and label them as toe or fingernails. Freeze them until July 10 and bring them to the Discovery tent at the Prouty. We don't want names, but do want to know your gender, age, and race. Clin-EPR pledge to the Prouty: $5 per person. To make an appointment to get your teeth measured using EPR, call the Dartmouth EPR Center at 1-603-650-1806 or email us. NOTE: Appointments can occur on July 9 (registration) or July 10 (the day of the Prouty).
  • At the Prouty
    To provide toe and fingernail clippings, either bring clippings with you or get them clipped at the Disovery tent at the Prouty headquarters. Clin-EPR pledge to the Prouty: $5 per person. To participate in our study by having your teeth measured, either show up at your appointment or sign up at the Discovery tent for the next available measurement. Clin-EPR pledge to the Prouty: $25 per person. Note: We will ask you to complete a brief anonymous questionnaire afterwards to give feedback on improving the process. To fill out a questionnaire about your nails, come to the Disovery tent. The questionnaire is anonymous. Clin-EPR pledge to the Prouty: $1 per person.
If you have any questions or would like to schedule a tooth measurement for the Prouty, please contact us at 1-603-650-1806 or email us. For an overview of our research, please see here. Also, be sure to check out our posters in the DHMC cafeteria.

The principal investigator is Harold Swartz, M.D., Ph.D. at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center. The sponsor for pledges for each donation is Clin-EPR, LLC of Lyme, NH.
EPR Spectrometer

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