October 4-8, 2015
Hanover, New Hampshire


The only source for clinical EPR systems for oximetry and/or dosimetry.
Source of the most sensitive in vivo EPR spectrometers for preclinical studies.


NIAID and its CMCR program who has generously supported the participation of Young Investigators and contributed to the development of the general sessions on Monday


The Organizing Committee would like to thank the following organizations

IABERD – as a parent and prime organizer
IES – for designating this as an EPR Society Symposium and giving out awards for best posters
WHO - for organizing a satellite meeting of the WHO BioDoseNet Member Laboratories
ISO Committee WG18: Biodosimetry - for organizing a satellite meeting of its members
ISO-EPR – for organizing a satellite meeting of its working group
RENEB – for organizing a satellite meeting of its working group


Sponsorship investments for this meeting provide an opportunity to reach a large number (about 250) of very relevant individuals and institutions with improved knowledge and access to your products. This will include scientists involved with aspects of ionizing irradiation, especially unplanned exposures to radiation and EPR sciences. The physical arrangements for the meeting will provide maximal interactions with the participants, especially at breaks and during the poster sessions which will occupy a significant part of the program. In addition all registrants will be together for all of the meals and all of the social events (which will occur on all evenings except for the one free evening). If you have questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Harold Swartz Harold.Swartz@Dartmouth.edu

If you wish to become a sponsor, please complete and submit the sponsorship form.