The Epidemiology Department at the Geisel School of Medicine is built upon a foundation of excellence in scholarship and teaching, and is committed to exploring new trans-disciplinary approaches to understand health and disease in human populations.

About the Department
and Faculty

The Department of Epidemiology provides the Geisel School of Medicine and Dartmouth College an internationally ranking, state-of-the-art department with excellence in research, teaching and service in the field of epidemiology.

The Department of Epidemiology will advance the field of epidemiology by fostering highly interdisciplinary research programs with a translational emphasis, and a broad range of educational activities. Epidemiology promotes discovery of disease etiology and progression through rigorously constructed hypothesis-driven clinical trials and population-based research. Additionally, Epidemiology concomitantly derives and applies novel methodologies in these contexts to advance public health and translational medicine. Our faculty expertise spans diverse areas in molecular-genetic epidemiology, epigenetics, nutritional and chemoprevention research, cancer etiology, environmental epidemiology, pharmacoepidemiology, women's and children's health, diseases of aging, global health, medical imaging, disease and screening registries, and epidemiologic methods.