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  • Contact Details:
  • Dr. Erich C. Osterberg, Assistant Professor
  • Dartmouth College Department of Earth Sciences
  • HB 6105 Fairchild Hall
  • Hanover, NH 03755
  • (603) 646-1096
  • Erich[.]C[.]Osterberg at dartmouth[.]edu
  • Follow me on twitter @BigGreenClimate
  • Check out videos of my fieldwork on my Youtube Channel
  • Check out photos on my flickr page
  • I am actively seeking outstanding undergraduate and graduate students to join our research group. Contact me to learn more about our student research opportunities.


    10/14/14: Catch Erich's Back to Class Lecture on Sea Level Rise at Dartmouth's Homecoming this Saturday morning.

    10/4/14: Just back from a great day collecting data on the Middlebury Research Vessel on Lake Champlain with the EARS 37 class.

    9/25/14: Erich's new paper on North Pacific climate over the past 2000 years is published online today.

    8/27/14: The second Thule, Greenland expedition team is back after a successful fueld season!

    7/27/14: Erich is honored to be participating in the First Academic Experience with the incomming class of 2018!

    7/15/14 Dom is in New Zealand working on the Roosevelt Island ice core for his NSF East Asia and Pacific Summer Institute Fellowship.

    6/21/14 Dom and Patrick are home after a stormy but successful 3-week expedition to Denali collecting snow samples and meteorological data.

    6/13/14 Erich, Eric and Fredrik are back from a successful 3-week expedition to Thule, Greenland collecting sediment and ice cores.

    5/1/14 Check out the Climate.gov article about our Dartmouth Ice Core research.

    4/24/14 Erich is at SciFest 2014! Looking for Flubber? Look here and here.

    4/2/14 Check out the Faculty Spotlight article on Erich in the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science