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FSP Update from Africa, Fall, 2005

Letter 1: Sept. 29, 2005

Letter 2: Oct. 17, 2005

Letter 3: Nov. 22, 2005

Letter 4: Dec. 1, 2005

From modern capital cities with bustling open-stall markets, to tents under the stars and the sounds of lions and hyaenas, the Africa Foreign Study Program (AFSP) offers Dartmouth students the chance to spend a term exploring environmental issues across Southern Africa. The ten-week foreign study term highlights the global perspective of the Environmental Studies Program.

Only twenty students are admitted to this competitive program based in South Africa. The AFSP gives those students first-hand experience with issues of land and water use, population and health, and resource management. The program focuses on the tensions between development and conservation. Field study issues consider tourism, wildlife management, and the role of indigenous peoples in conservation decisions. The program spends about 30 days in the field.

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