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Environmental Studies 91: Recent Honors Theses

Date Author Advisor(s)


2014 Michael Berger Michael Cox, Ross Virginia Cheating the resource curse? A case study of offshore oil development near Barrow, Alaska
2014 Rachel Carter Anne Kapuscinski The Influence of Environmental Concern on Protein Purchases: A Survey-Based Case Study
2014 Jimena Diaz Rich Howarth, Matt Ayres Climate Change and the Persistence of Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) in the Second College Grant
2014 Sammi Dowdell Michael Cox, Coleen Fox Passion, Power, and Profit: Ecotourism's Role in Coral Reef Conservation on Bonaire
2014 Shea Flanagan Doug Bolger, Anne Kapuscinski, Julian Fennessy Analysis of Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) Post-Translocation Movement Patterns and Implications for Conservation Management
2014 Katie Gougelet Bill Roebuck, Sienna Craig, Michael Cox The Political Ecology of Human Health in West Virginian Coal Mining Communities
2014 Maya Johnson Ross Jones, Nick Reo, Bruce Duthu Cultural and Scientific Drivers of Water Quantity and Quality Law on the Flathead Reservation
2014 Lisa Rennels Rich Howarth, Michael Cox Are Payments for Watershed Services Better Off as a Metaphor? A Look at the Northern Forest
2014 Ali Uribe D. G. Webster, Celia Chen, Nick Reo Lionfish in Colombia: From Super-Invader to Super-Food
2014 Janna Wandzilak Rich Howarth, D. G. Webster Growing the EcoTree: A Look at Marketing Sustainable Apparel in the Upper Valley
2014 Deborah Yeoh-Wang Ross Virginia, Susanne Freidberg The Political Ecology of Food Assistance Programs: A Study on Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens in the Greater Boston Area
2013 Sara Brennan Chris Sneddon, Rich Howarth Fostering a Multi-Scale Approach to Ecosystem Restoration: A Case Study of the San Juan Islands
2013 Lindsay Brewer Rich Howarth, Ron Shaiko Tracing the Evolution and Trajectory of Corporate Social Responsibility
2013 Margaret Fleming D. G. Webster, Chris Sneddon Water, Conflict, and Cooperation: A Case Study of the Euphrates-Tigris River Basin
2013 Madilyn Gamble Anne Kapuscinski, Andy Friedland Managing phosphorus discharge from Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) aquaculture with microalgae-supplemented diets
2013 Claire Hornig Andy Friedland, Rich Howarth Modeling Carbon Release After Harvest in a Northern Hardwood Forest
2013 Bonita Längle Anne Kapuscinski, Michael Cox Institutional Barriers to and Opportunities for Waste Reintegration: Vermont and its National Context
2013 Joshua Lee Rich Howarth, TxeTxu Aguado An Inconvenient Narrative: Apocalyptic Rhetoric and its Implications on Climate Change Policy
2013 Rosalie Lipfert Rich Howarth, Ross Virginia Industrial Meat and the Ethics of Meat Consumption: A Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Approach to Understanding How the U.S. Meat Industry Came to Be and Whether We Should Do Anything to Change It
2013 Danielle Nathanson Terry Osborne, Laura Conkey Two Hundred Acres: Reading the Story Time Left Behind at the Dartmouth Organic Farm
2013 Rebecca Niemiec Rich Howarth, D. G. Webster, Matt Ayres Carbon sequestration and the optimal management of forest stands for Southern Pine Beetle (D. Frontalis) pestilence in the New Jersey Pinelands
2012 Brian Bosche D.G. Webster Transparency and the Success of Citizen Science Programs
2012 Christopher Randall Christopher Sneddon Dam Removal in New England: A Comparative Analysis of State Policies
2012 Samuel C. Ross Richard Howarth Soil Carbon Dynamics & Carbon Markets with Emissions Offsets: The Case of New England Hardwood Forests
2012 Giulia Siccardo Richard Howarth Thriving & Green: Synergies in Sustainability and Profitability 
2012 Jenny Thapa Richard Howarth Community Forestry and its Socio Economic Impact on the Disadvantaged Group in Nepal
2012 Christina Whittaker Richard Howarth and Coleen Fox Responsible Tourism and Sustainable Development in Monteverde, Costa Rica
2011 Jessica Leigh Krug Terry Osborne A Way to Healing: Stories of Family and Home
2011 Lindsay Wahl Jill Mikucki Life Under Antarctic Ice: Recently Discovered Subglacial Bacteria and Their Associated Viruses
2010 Tenley K. Brownwright Coleen Fox, Christopher Sneddon The Historical Political Ecology of Disease: An Examination of the 2000-2001 Cholera Outbreak in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
2010 Margi N. Dashevsky Coleen Fox, Christopher Sneddon Think Global, Act Local: an investigation of localization in the Upper Valley of VT & NH
2010 Andrew M. Ferrera Coleen Fox, Andrew J. Friedland Individual Environmental Behavior: A Study of Student Recycling at Dartmouth College
2010 Kevin M. Mwenda Xun Shi Long-Term Exposure in Fine Particulate Matter and the Prevalence of Pneumonia in New Hampshire.  A Geo-Statistical Analysis.
2010 Kathleen Oprea Richard Howarth The Role of Endogenous Technical Change within Dynamic Climate-Economy Models
2010 Samuel R. Welch Ross Jones, Bruce Huber, Andrew J. Friedland Standing in Kivalina v. ExxonMobil
2009 Whitney L. Coombs Jill Mikucki, Andrew J. Friedland Energy for Life Beneath Polar Glaciers: A Study of the Interactions between Microbes and Subglacial Sulfur and Iron Cycling at Blood Falls, Antarctica
2009 Caitlin J. Pierce Richard B. Howarth Reducing Economic and Institutional Barriers for Forestry Projects under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol
2009 Pete Van Deventer Jill Mikucki Seasonal Change in Carbon cycling in the Microbia Ecosystem of Permanently Ice Covered Antarctic Lake Fryxell
2008 Christopher Andrew Farmer Xun Shi, Jonathan W. Chipman Mapping the Percent Cover of Functional Cover Types of the Non-Forest Vegetation in the Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park Using AirSAR
2008 Thomas A. Glazer Andrew J. Friedman Stalled Technologies: Evaluating the Market and Regulatory Barriers to the Offshore Wind Power in the United States
2008 Joshua L. Hurd Coleen A. Fox, Ronald G. Shaiko The Public Policy of the Environmental and Political Views of Christian Clergy in Montana
2008 Kathleen Onufer Rich Howarth Not So Shrimpy: Institutional Governance of Sustainable Development in the Shrimp Aquaculture Industry of Thailand
2008 Brittany H. Ousterhout Douglas T. Bolger, Eric B. Liebgold There's No Place Like Home: Limited Dispersal, Site Fidelity, and Path Orientation of Adult and Juvenile Red-Backed Salamanders (Plethodon cinereus)
2008 Lauren E. Smith Richard B. Howarth Paying for Preservation: Edo-Philanthropy and the Conservation of Protected Lands
2007 Susie Chung Richard Howarth Toward a Greener Built Environment: The Economic Mechanics of LEED in Alleviating Market Imperfections in the Green Building Industry
2007 Kathryn Clark Richard Howarth Recasting the DICE: Endogenous Time Preference and Greenhouse Gas Abatement Decisions
2007 Pamela M. Collins Ross A. Virginia, John E. Barrett Fluoride in Victoria Land, Antarctica, and its impact on soil biota
2007 Michael Henry Gadsden Douglas T. Bolger, Richard W. Birnie Evaluation of High Spatial Resolution Hyperspectral Imagery as a Tool to Detect and Measure Varying Cover Densities of Leafy Spurge (Eurphorbia esula)
2007 Amanda K. Greenberg Brian Jackson, Celia Chen, Andrew Friedland An Examination of the Effects of Salinity on Mercury Methylation and Demethylation in Intact Estuarine Sediment Cores Using Species-Secific Enriched Stable Isotopes
2007 Ashley Hetrick Mark Borsuk, Celia Chen, Andy Friedland Modeling Methyl Mercury Trophic Transfer and Bioaccumulation in Estuarine Food Webs
2007 Danny Hundert Karen Fisher-Vanden, Ross Virginia, Scott Stokoe Will Rising Oil Prices Lead to a Transition from Conventional to Organic Farming?
2006 Christine Beauchemin Ross Virginia, Scott Stokoe Transition from Conventional to Organic Dairy Farming in the Province of Quebec
2006 Elyssa Gelmann Andrew Friedland The Role of Hybrid Electric Vehicles in an Energy Efficient Society
2006 Kara Kapp Michael Dorsey The International Politics of Rainforest Management: The Osa Campaign Case Study
2006 Anne O'Hagen Richard Howarth Toward a Meaningful Intelligible Principle: Understanding the Efficiency-Equity Tradeoff Through the Clean Air Act
2006 Megan Rast Douglas Bolger Determinants of Relative Abundance and Potential Metapopulation Dynamics of Suni Antelope in Tembe Elephant Park, South Africa
2006 Sarah A. Uhl Andrew Friedland Acid Deposition and Forest Ecosystems: Toward Sustainable Management of the Northern Forest
2005 Sue DuBois Karen Fisher-Vanden Creating Environmental Change in Higher Education: The Role of the Student
2005 Jennifer A. Gapinski Bill Roebuck Protection Against the Environmental Contaminant Aflatoxin by Induction of Aflatoxin Aldehyde Reductase
2005 Douglas P. Hannah Karen Fisher-Vanden Selling Local: The Application of Social Marketing Theory to Institutional Buying Programs
2005 Lindsey M. Horton Michael Dorsey Durban's Landfill Gas to Electricity Scheme: Climate Mitigation Strategy and the Necessary Particularity of South African Environmental Justice Discourse
2005 Kailin Kroetz Andrew Friedland The Environmental Tradeoffs of Various Space Heating Fuel Options: The Case for Wood
2005 Layne Moffet Karen Fisher-Vanden Water Quality Trading: Approaches to Deal with Scientific and Institutional Uncertainty
2005 Emily L. Sharp Chris Sneddon Sustainable Resource use in the Tigris/Euphrates River Basin: A Historical Analysis of Water Management in the Ancient Civilizations of Mesopotamia
2004 Aimee E. K. Barnes Chris Sneddon The Nature of the Native: Cultural Identity and Hawaiian Environmentalism
2004 D. Bradley Bate Jeb Barett Physical Controls on the Development of Soil Phosphorus Pools in the McMurdo DryValleys, Antarctica
2004 Alice Ashley Massey Jack Shepherd Assessing Community Attitudes Towards Conservation: The Link for Successful Transfrontier Conservation in Southern Africa
2004 Shannon Rogers Richard Howarth, Thomas Seager Incorporating Stakeholder Values into Environmental Management: A Case Study of Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis
2004 Freya M. Sachs Terry Osborne Mapping the Landscape: Relationships through Word and Image
2004 Aritetsoma K. Ukueberuwa Darren Ranco Environmental Justice and the Limits of Public Policy: The Role of the Environmental Protection Agency in the Environmental Justice Movement
2003 Ingrid S. Biedron Douglas Bolger Influences of Boat Disturbance on Marine Mammal Behavior in the Bay of Fundy
2003 Charlotte Coultrapp-Bagg Coleen Fox The Privatization of Hydropower in the Third World: Case studies in Uganda, Laos, and Chile
2003 Erin J Harker Jack Shepherd River Pollution Abatement Models: A Comparative Analysis between Hungary and the United States
2003 Smita Nakhooda

Jack Shepherd

Sustainable Energy for Sustainable: Development: Renewable Rural Electrification for Sustainable Development in Kenya and Uganda
2002 Kenny Gillingham Karen Fisher-Vanden The Impacts of Carbon Mitigation Policies on Bioenergy Crops: Implications for the Global Land Use and Energy Systems
2002 Hannah Jacobs Richard Howarth Policy and Economics of the Gulf of Maine Lobster Industry: A Sustainable System?
2002 Merrielle S. Macelod Jack Shepherd People-Centered Development and The Transition Toward Sustainable Use of Local Natural Resources: A Case Study of eNkovukeni, South Africa
2001 Eric Bielke Oran Young, Karen Fisher-Vanden Electric Power in Russia: Linking Environmental Protection with Economic Growth
2001 Lauren A. Hierl Missing "Green" Business and Corporate Responsibility: A critical evaluation
2001 Kathleen M. Stewart Bill Roebuck The Globalization of Disease: The West Nile Virus Finds a Home in the Western Hemisphere
2000 Olivia C. Carpenter Richard Howarth Why We Are One: Merging the Consciousness Between Environmentalists' and Social Activists' Approaches to Urban Community Reinvestment
2000 William Finnegan Richard Howarth Co-managing Caribou in Northwest Alaska: A Case Study of Stakeholder Involvement in the Management of the Western Arctic Caribou Herd
2000 Yvonne Handler Terry Osborne Raining on the Reindeer
1999 Kathryn Botham Anne Forbes, Russel Barsh Journey Through Bothamia: Western and Indigenous Perspectives of Conservation in the Context of Community-Based Conservation Projects in Laikipia, Kenya
1999 Douglas C. Morton Missing Analysis of Fecal Cortisol and Urinary Ketone Levels of Angolan Colobus (Colobus angolensis palliatus) as a Measure of Dry Season Stress in Diani, Kenya
1999 Emily Neuman Ross Virginia Farmers' Roots: The Development of Agricultural Paradigms in New England
1999 Christopher Showalter Missing Analysis of game ranger observation data from Tembe Elephant Park using a Geographic Information System (GIS)
1998 Adam Siegal Andrew Friedland, Anthony Roisman Judges as Scientific "Gatekeepers": Prepared or Perplexed?
1988 Tina Richardson Unknown Female Topis: Why do they fight?
1988 Paul J. Torcoletti Dick Birnie A Remote Sensing and Ground-Based Spectral Study of the Geobotanical Relationships on Mt. Moosilauke
1985 Susan Spencer Unknown Food Production in Kenya and Tanzania: Is Food Self-Sufficiency Possible?
1982 Bryant Pattern II Charles Hewett A Dynamic Study of Vermont's Wood Energy Potential
1980 Jeffery Kling Mason Unknown Conflict in World Views: Obstacle Facing Environmental Activists

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