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Sample Syllabi


The Environmental Studies Program syllabi posted here are samples only, and are intended solely to assist students as they plan their academic programs. Please note: Even a syllabus with a current date cannot be assumed to be accurate; under no circumstances should it be used to provide information about assignments. Students enrolled in courses instead should refer to Blackboard/Canvas for all up-to-date syllabi and information.  If you would like to request a sample syllabus that is not listed below, please email Kim Wind at

ENVS 2: Intro to Environmental Science (Professor Friedland)

ENVS 3: Environment & Society: Towards Sustainability? (Professor Kapuscinski)

ENVS 11: Humans and Nature in America (Professor Osborne)

ENVS 15: Environmental Issues of the Earth's Cold Regions (Professor Virginia)

ENVS 17: Marine Policy (Professor Webster)

ENVS 19/NAS 19: Encountering Forests (Professor Reo)

ENVS 20: Conservation of Biodiversity (Professor Bolger)

ENVS 28: Global Environmental Health (Professor Roebuck)

ENVS 44: Environment & Politics in Southeast Asia (Professor Sneddon)

ENVS 55: Ecological Economics (Professor Howarth)

ENVS 60: Environmental Law (Professor Jones)

ENVS 61: Governing the Environment (Professor Cox)

Last Updated: 8/7/14