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Dartmouth Organic Farm

The Dartmouth Organic Farm is an educational and working facility located approximately 3 miles north of the College campus on Rte 10 and is part of the Dartmouth Outing Club.

Check out live data from the weather station at the Farm!

The farm provides members of the Dartmouth community opportunities for:

For more information email Scott Stokoe, Dartmouth Organic Farm Manager and Adjunct Instructor of Environmental Studies, or call 603-643-5196.

Scott P. Stokoe opens a stalk of corn to show how it is pollinated, left to right, Katherine M. Lindsay ’11, Scott Stokoe, Natalia S. Wrobel ’11, Jessica A. Hartman ’11, Matt Siegfried ’08 (teaching assistant).

Fossil-Fuel-free Solar Greenhouse at the Dartmouth Organic Farm

Aquaponic Production: We feed the fish, the fish waste feeds the plants, the plants feed us.

Molly Wilson '13, Prof. Anne Kapuscinski, and Tyler Pavlowich, Research Assistant discuss the aquaponic study while collecting water samples from solar fish tanks.

Scott P. Stokoe introduces students taking ENVS 25, Ecological Agriculture, to the Dartmouth Organic Farm.

Two future Dartmouth students (?) at the weather station!

The Dartmouth Sustainability Project teamed up with Timberhomes and volunteers on campus to raise a new barn at the Dartmouth Organic Farm.

Last Updated: 11/16/12