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Christopher Sneddon

Professor Sneddon

Associate Professor

Chris Sneddon joined us in 2000 as Assistant Professor with a joint appointment in Environmental Studies and Geography. Chris completed his Ph.D. dissertation (Altered rivers: socio-ecological transformation, water conflicts and the state in Northeast Thailand) at the University of Minnesota. His research focuses on the political ecology of river basin development, primarily in Southeast Asia. His recent work focuses on transnational river basins (such as the Mekong and Zambezi), conflicts over water in a variety of settings, and the linkages among power, scale and institutions in the context of river basin management. Other interests include: the environment and social theory; environmental politics and policy; environmental history; and qualitative research methods.

Selected Publications

  • Sneddon, C. Forthcoming. Concrete Revolution: Large Dams, Cold War Geopolitics, and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (Chicago: University of Chicago Press).
  • Harris, L.M., J.A. Goldin and C. Sneddon. 2013. Contemporary Water Governance in the Global South: Scarcity, Marketization and Participation. Routledge. 264 pages.
  • Sneddon, C. 2012. The "Sinew of Development": Cold War geopolitics, technological expertise and river alteration in Southeast Asia, 1954-1975. Social Studies of Science 42(4):564-590.
  • Sneddon, C. and C. Fox. 2012. Inland capture fisheries and large river systems: A political economy of Mekong fisheries. Journal of Agrarian Change 12(2/3):279-299.
  • Sneddon, C. and C. Fox. 2012. Water, geopolitics, and economic development in the conceptualization of a region. Eurasian Geography and Economics 53(1):143-160.
  • Sneddon, C. and C. Fox. 2011. The Cold War, the US Bureau of Reclamation and the technopolitics of river basin development, 1950-1970. Political Geography, 30(8):450-460.
  • Sneddon, C. and Fox. 2008. Struggles over dams as struggles for justice: The World Commission on Dams (WCD) and anti-dam campaigns in Thailand and Mozambique. Society and Natural Resources 21(7):625-640.
  • Sneddon C. 2007. Natures materiality and the circuitous paths of accumulation: dispossession of riverine fisheries in Cambodia, Antipode. 39(1):167-193.
  • Sneddon, C. and C. Fox. 2007. Power, development and institutional change: Participatory governance in the Lower Mekong basin. World Development 35(12):2161-2181.
  • Sneddon, C., R. B. Howarth, and R. B. Norgaard. 2006. Sustainable Development in a Post- Brundtland World, Ecological Economics.
  • Sneddon, Chris. 2003. Reconfiguring scale and power: the Khong-Chi-Mun project in Northeast Thailand, Environment and Planning A 35: 2229-2250.

Current Courses:

  • ENVS 7- First Year Seminar; Environmental Histories: Ecological, Cultural and Political Change
  • ENVS 44/GEOG 44- Environment and Politics in Southeast Asia
  • ENVS 67/GEOG 67- Political Ecology

Past Courses

  • ENVS 3- Environment and Society: Towards Sustainability? (co-taught with Professor Kapuscinski)
  • GEOG 11- Qualitative Methods and the Research Process in Geography
  • GEOG 17- Geopolitics and Third World Development

Contact Information

Professor Christopher Sneddon
Environmental Studies Program
Department of Geography
123 Fairchild Hall
HB 6182
Hanover, NH  03755
Phone: 603-646-0451
Fax: 603-646-1682


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