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Ross Jones

Professor Jones

Research Assistant Professor

Ross Jones has degrees in ecology and law and is a research assistant professor in the Environmental Studies Program. His interests include the interaction of ecology and environmental law with an emphasis on how well environmental laws do, or do not, incorporate modern ecological concepts and methods.

Selected Publications

  • Brooks, R. O., R. Jones , and R. A. Virginia . 2002. Law and Ecology: The Rise of the Ecosystem Regime. Ashgate Publishers Ltd.: Aldershot , Brookfield USA , Singapore , Sydney . 411 pp. For the series, Ecology and Law in Modern Society, R. O. Brooks and R. A. Virginia, eds.
  • Friedland, A. J., R. T. Jones, T. F. Gross, and S. D. Blackmer. 2004. Towards a Sustainable Northern Forest . Journal of Sustainable Forestry. 18: 1-22.


Office: 110 Fairchild

Phone: 646-0261


Last Updated: 10/24/12