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Richard Howarth

Professor Howarth


Rich Howarth is an environmental economist interested in the concept of sustainable development and its applications to energy policy, climate stabilization, and ecological conservation. His work emphasizes mathematical models of the links between economic growth, natural resources, and environmental quality, focusing on the integration of economic efficiency, ecological sustainability, and distributional fairness in the design of policies and institutions.

Selected Publications

  • R.B. Howarth, M.D. Gerst, and M.E. Borsuk. 2014. Risk Mitigation and the Social Cost of Carbon. Global Environmental Change 24: 123-131.
  • D.A. Lutz and R.B. Howarth. 2014. Valuing Albedo as an Ecosystem Service: Implications for Forest Management. Climatic Change 124: 53-63.
  • Gerst, M. D., R. B. Howarth, and M.E. Borsuk. 2013. The Interplay between Risk Attitudes and Low Probability, High Cost Outcomes in Climate Policy Analysis. Environmental Modelling and Software 41: 176-184.
  • Lee, K., W. Freudenburg, and R.B. Howarth. 2012. Humans in the Landscape: An Introduction to Environmental Studies. New York: Norton.
  • Howarth, R.B. 2011. Intergenerational Justice. In the Oxford Handbook on Climate Change and Society (John S. Dryzek, Richard B. Norgaard, and D. Schlosberg, editors). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Turaga, R. M. R., R. B. Howarth,and M.E. Borsuk. 2010. Pro-Environmental Behavior: Rational Choice Meets Moral Motivation. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1185: 211-224.
  • Zografos, C. and R.B. Howarth. 2010. Deliberative Ecological Economics for Sustainability Governance. Sustainability 2: 3399-3417.
  • Gerst, M. D., R. B. Howarth,and M.E. Borsuk. 2010. Accounting for the Risk of Extreme Outcomes in an Integrated Assessment of Climate Change. Energy Policy 38: 4540-4548.

Current Courses:

  • ENVS 50- Environmental Problem Analysis
  • ENVS 55- Ecological Economics

Past Courses:

  • ENVS 3- Environment and Society
  • ENVS 12- Energy and the Environment

Contact Information

Professor Richard Howarth
Environmental Studies Program
106 Fairchild Hall
HB 6182
Hanover, NH  03755
Phone: 603-646-2752
Fax: 603-646-1682


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