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Michael Cox

Professor Cox

Assistant Professor

Michael Cox studies community-based natural resource management, environmental governance, and the determinants of resilience and vulnerability in social-ecological systems. He has conducted empirical fieldwork-based analyses of irrigation systems in the Southwest United States, Peru and Kenya. More recently he has participated in an analysis of small-scale fisheries management in the Dominican Republic. He is currently conducting a synthetic analysis of large-scale environmental governance, the details of which can be found at

Before coming to Dartmouth, he worked under Lin Ostrom at Indiana University's Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis.

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications

  • Cox, M. 2014. Applying a social-ecological system framework to the study of the Taos acequia irrigation system. Human Ecology 42(2): 311-324.
  • Cox, M. 2014. Modern disturbances to a long-lasting community-based resource management system: the Taos Valley acequias. Global Environmental Change 24: 213-222.
  • Cox, M., Villamayor-Tomas, S. and Hartberg, Y. 2014. The role of religion in community-based natural resource management. World Development 54: 46-55.
  • Sloan-Wilson, D., E. Ostrom and M. Cox. 2013. Generalizing the core design principles for the efficacy of groups. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 905: 521-532.
  • Cox, M.,  s. Mincey, T. Ruseva, S. Villamayor-Tomas and B. Fischer. 2013. Evaluating the USFS State & Private Forestry Redesign: A first look at policy implications. Ecological Economics 85: 35-42.
  • Schoon, M. and M. Cox. 2012. Understanding disturbances and responses in social-ecological systems. Society and Natural Resources 25(2): 141-155.
  • Cox, M. 2011. Advancing the diagnostic analysis of environmental problems. International Journal of the Commons 5(2): 346-363.
  • Cox, M. and J. Ross. 2011. Robustness and vulnerability of community irrigation systems: the case of the Taos valley acequias. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 61(3): 254-266.
  • Cox, M., G. Arnold and S. V. Tom├ís, S. 2010. A review of design principles for community-based natural resource management. Ecology and Society 15(4): [online],
  • Ostrom, E. and M. Cox. 2010. Moving beyond panaceas: an interdisciplinary approach to the study of social-ecological systems. Environmental Conservation 37(4): 451-463.

Current Courses:

ENVS 61 - Governing the Environment

ENVS 70 - Environmental Policy Research Workshop

ENVS 83 - Social-Ecological Research Methods

Contact Information

Professor Michael Cox
Environmental Studies Program
105 Fairchild Hall
HB 6182
Hanover, NH  03755

Last Updated: 10/8/14