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Terry Tempest Williams Visits Dartmouth

Hanover, NH, USA 03755

February 26, 2003

Williams and Environmental Studies Majors
meet in the James Hornig Library

Terry Tempest Williams spent the better part of a week at Dartmouth College during a snowy February in 2003. This was her second visit to the Environmental Studies Program at Dartmouth since 1996. Throughout the week she met with students and faculty in a variety of settings, discussing her work and inspiring conversations about environmental issues. The hightlight of Williams' visit was an evening lecture in Filene Auditorium on February 26, entitled Memoirs of an Environmentalist. Her week at Dartmouth left a lasting impression on the campus and the sentiments expressed during her lecture will echo through Dartmouth for some time.


View QuickTime video clips of Terry Tempest Williams' lecture:
Memoirs of an Environmentalist

Looking for a Mate 2.2 MB
Hitching a ride with David Foreman (founder of Earth First!) 1.3 MB
Spiritual Environmentalism 0.7 MB
Environmental Terrorism 0.6 MB
Finding the Path of Passion 0.6 MB


"Terry had such an impact on the faculty, the staff, the undergraduates, the graduate students, that they were telling me for weeks afterward that they were so glad we brought Terry Tempest Williams to campus. People lined up to get a book signed or just to talk to her for more than an hour, and Terry patiently talked to everyone. It was just wonderful."

-Andy Friedland, Professor and Chair of the Environmental Studies Program



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