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Robert Bullard Visits Dartmouth

Hanover, NH, USA 03755

April 4, 2002

Professor Robert Bullard from the Environmental Justice Resource Center at Clark Atlanta University came to Dartmouth in the Spring of 2002, sponsored by the Environmental Studies Program and co-sponsored by the Rockefeller Center. Dr. Bullard gave a lecture in Filene Auditorium titled Environmental Justice for All that attracted a wide range of people including Dartmouth undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, community members and law students from nearby Vermont Law School. Bullard's lecture opened with his own account of how he became a leader in the environmental justice movement and went on to give several illustrative examples of environmental racism from several time periods and geographic regions. These powerful instances of deliberate racism at the highest levels of government and business made a compelling case for the environmental justice movement. Dr. Bullard's work not only promotes political and social equality, it also strives to protect the physical health of the lower socio-economic and minority populations in the United States.


View QuickTime video clips of Dr. Robert Bullard's lecture:
Environmental Justice for All

What is Environmental Justice? 1.5 MB
The Beginning: Houston, Texas [part 1] 2.4 MB
The Beginning: Houston, Texas [part 2] 1.5 MB
Warren County, North Carolina 1.8 MB
The Environmental Justice Movement 0.7 MB



Robert D. Bullard (Ph.D.) is Ware Professor of Sociology and Director of the Environmental Justice Resource Center at Clark Atlanta University. Prior to joining the faculty at CAU in 1994 he served as a professor of sociology at the University of California, Riverside and visiting professor in the Center for African American Studies at UCLA. He is one of the planners of the First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit. Professor Bullard served on President Clinton's Transition Team in the Natural Resources and Environment Cluster (i.e., Departments of Energy, Interior, and Agriculture, and the Environmental Protection Agency) an on the U.S. EPA National Environmental Justice Advisory Council (NEJAC) where he chaired the Health & Research Subcommittee. He is the author of numerous articles, monographs, and scholarly papers that address environmental justice and public participation concerns. His book, Dumping in Dixie: Race, Class and Environmental Quality (Westview Press, 1990, 1994, 2000), has become a standard text in the environmental justice field.

Biography from the Environmental Justice Resource Center.


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