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Sustainability Minor

Sustainability Minor at Dartmouth College

Beyond the Classroom: Link your Major to Real-World Solutions

wordleAt Dartmouth, sustainability thinking and learning extends far beyond the classroom and pervades many academic, extracurricular, and recreational aspects of campus. Students minoring in sustainability develop key strategies for understanding diverse world-views and working collaboratively with professionals in all fields of study.

Choosing Courses and Declaring the Sustainability Minor

See the Steps to Minoring in Sustainability document for a detailed outline of the Sustainability Track.

Please click here to obtain the ENVS Minor Worksheet for the Sustainability Track.

Frequently Asked Questions

Events Related to the Minor

The Sustainability Solutions Café features practitioners and scholars who are pioneering solutions to a diversity of sustainability problems, sharing their ideas through café-style discussions with interested members of the Dartmouth and broader communities. Check the Café page to see photos from past Café events, find information about upcoming events, and nominate future speakers in the series!


The Sustainability Minor Meet and Greet is an opportunity for students interested in learning more about the minor to meet faculty and other current minors; ask questions about how the minor can be tailored to a wide array of interests; and hear about the many sustainability-related resources and opportunities offered at Dartmouth. The last Meet and Greet event was held on Monday, February 17. Stay tuned in early spring term 2014 for the next event!



Students prepare a home-made meal following an eco-foraging workshop at the Sustainable Living Center

Student sustainability interns organize a free "Pop-up" bike repair station on campus.

Undergraduates research integrated food-energy aquaponic systems at the Dartmouth Organic Farm.

Students in ENVS 25: Ecological Agriculture learn about soil composition at the Dartmouth Organic Farm.

Photos by Joseph Mehling and Sustainable Dartmouth

How does the sustainability minor compare with the ENVS minor?

The Sustainability Minor is one version of the Environmental Studies minor that requires students to take a track of specific courses focused on sustainability issues. The Sustainability Minor is an interdisciplinary minor that allows and encourages students to take courses teaching sustainability outside the ENVS program. Overall, the sustainability track will equip you with the knowledge and practical skills needed to understand diverse perspectives on sustainability and to tackle real-world sustainability problems in our communities and the world at large.

Do many of the minor courses have prerequisites?

Most courses applicable to the Sustainability Minor do not have prerequisites. Of those with prerequisites, most are basic introductory courses that a number of students complete for various majors in their first year. Only a few courses require upper level courses as prerequisites and the minor can be completed without taking these particular courses.

Can you modify a major with the sustainability minor?

The Environmental Studies Major cannot be modified due to its interdisciplinary nature. However, Environmental Studies Majors can declare ‘Sustainability’ as their elective focus by choosing to take 4 courses from either within the ENVS program or other academic departments offering courses on sustainability concepts. (See ENVS Major Worksheet).

Non -- ENVS majors can modify their major with ENVS and can focus on Sustainability by taking three elective courses focused on teaching sustainability concepts, one of which can be from outside the ENVS program. (See Other Major modified with ENVS worksheet).

Can a course satisfy both the Sustainability minor and another major or minor?

No one course can be used to satisfy multiple majors and/or minors in any department at the College. A course that is being counted towards fulfilling a requirement of the Sustainability Minor cannot be counted towards filling the requirements of any other major or minor.

Minor Advising

The primary advisor for the sustainability minor curriculum is Anne Kapuscinski, Professor of Environmental Studies. Please contact her or Mariah Coley, Minor Communications Assistant, with any questions.

Contact Information:

Professor Anne Kapuscinski
Environmental Studies Program
124 Fairchild Hall

Alex Sitek
Minor Communications Assistant

A course for the minor, ENVS 3 “Environment and Society: Towards Sustainability?”, meets on the lawn outside of Kemeny-Haldeman. 

Last Updated: 6/26/14