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The Environmental Studies Program (ENVS) offers courses on a wide range of topics including environmental science, ecological economics, and international environmental issues, conservation of biodiversity, ecological agriculture, environmental justice/racism, environmental journalism, and environmental law.

On Earth Day 1996, the Dartmouth faculty approved a new Major in Environmental Studies. We also offer a Minor in Environmental Science and a Minor in Environmental Studies, including a specific Sustainability Track within the Environmental Studies Minor. Undergraduates may also use our courses to modify a major in a discipline such as Biology, Geography, Government, Economics, and Earth Sciences.

Environmental Studies Program has its own library, Hornig Library, and close ties with the Dartmouth Organic Farm.

A special feature of Environmental Studies is a Foreign Study Program in southern Africa that is extremely popular and helps our students understand the global aspects of environmental problems. Each fall term, 16 Dartmouth undergraduates participate in our off-campus program currently based in southern Africa, which gives students observational and hands-on experience with issues of population, land and water use, ecotourism, and resource management in a developing country.

Students with interests in the environment may conduct independent studies with our faculty and/or take advantage of the many off-campus internships and scholarships that are available. We strongly support linking classroom work with hands-on learning experiences, both on- and off-campus.

Last Updated: 9/3/14