Nordic Exchange Project, Fall 2006

Team Members

  • Robert Courtney
  • David Drennan
  • Chris Klabes
  • Christa Miller-Shelley
  • Alix Toothman

Student TA

  • Brian Hendrickson

Problem Statement

Elite Nordic skiers currently lack the means for affordable indoor specific double pole training, in which they can practice both the motion and increase strength.

We propose to design a machine using two moving treads and two flywheels within a plywood frame to fulfill the above specifications.

Need for New Device

The top two specs lacking among the current state of the art were "realistic ski feel" and "adjustable resistance."

"I'd say the ability to use poles (ones own poles hopefully) is what would make this stand out from other poling simulation machines currently on the market or that can be easily constructed."
—Joe Connelly, St Michael's College


A plywood frame with two moving treads and a resistance mechanism.

Nordic Exchange Prototype rotating rod for Nordic Exchange
The prototype Nordic Exchange and one of the rotating rods in the resistance mechanism.

Nordic Exchange Test  
A student testing the Nordic Exchange prototype.

Watch the Nordic Exchange Video on YouTube.