Night Runners Project, Fall 2006

Teams Members

  • Abraham Clayman
  • Daniel Harburg
  • Sanderson Hull
  • Michal Jablonski
  • Alex Lippai

Student TA

  • Debbie Sperling

Problem Statement

Running at night is unappealing and dangerous because of the limitations of portable lighting.

Need for New Device

"I don't run at night because I don't like to deal with headlamps. If there were a more comfortable or better piece of equipment, I would run at night more."
—Kristen (Dartmouth student)

Limitations of current state-of-the-art portable lights include

  • Light beams bounce and cause disorientation and dizziness
  • Headlamps are uncomfortable
  • Lamps afford little peripheral vision
  • Breath can fog up a headlamp's beam


A lighting device mounted on a foam-padded Cordura belt with a mesh interior enclosing 13 LEDs on a circuit board mounted in foam core, a water-tight battery pack, and a safety light.

Night Runner ProE model Night Runner light closeup
A ProEngineer model and a closeup view of the Night Runner device.

Night Runner light showing path  
The Night Runner device illuminating the path ahead with a luminance of nearly 9 lux and 30 degrees to either side with a luminance of nearly 6 lux.