There is a lot of equipment available for your use without charge. The following memo describes some of the equipment and how to find descriptions and photos of it.

The following is representative of equipment available for checkout through the instrument room for student projects and lecture demonstrations. Full descriptions and photos of these (plus about 50 crystal ball/stick models) are on Thayer School's equipment Web site.

At this time the listings are only by company (ARB=Arbor Scientific, ...) and product name; sometime in the future we hope to have listings by subject and course.

ARB-3DMagField "3D Magnetic Field Observation Box"
ARB-Genecon "Genecon Hand Crank Electric Generator"
ARB-GiantNeoMag "Giant Neodymium Magnets"
ARB-ImpPower "Impulse Power Generator"
ARB-LaserOptics "Laser Optics Kit"
ARB-MagFld "Electromagnetic Field Demonstration (coil/solenoid)"
ARB-MagGlobe "Magnetic Globe"
ARB-MagProbe "Magnaprobe"
ARB-NeoMag "Neodymium Magnets"
ARB-Piezo "Piezoelectric Demonstrator"
ARB-Vortex "Tornado Tube Vortex Demonstration"
ARB-WattMeter "Electrical Power (Watt) and Energy (kWhr) Meter"
CENCO-Lenz "Lenz's Law Apparatus"
CENCO-Meter "Demonstration Electric Meters"
CENCO-SuperCon "High Temperature Superconductor Materials Leviation Kit"
COMCO-Timer "Presentation Timer"
EME-MolMot "Molecular Motion Demonstrator"
FLU-LRC "Fluke LRC Meter"
FLU-Therm "Fluke noncontact thermometer"
HP-Impedance "HP 4192A Low Frequency Impedance Analyzer"
KEN-VidFlex "Gooseneck Video Camera"
KEN-VidFlexRF "Gooseneck Video Camera with RF link"
Ley-BigCoil "Leybold 500H low R Inductor"
OME-Anemometer "Omega Anemometer"
OME-ThermH502 "Digital Thermometer (J-K type TC)"
PAS-500Interface "ScienceWorkshop 500 Computer/Sensor Interface"
PAS-500Interface "ScienceWorkshop 750 Computer/Sensor Interface"
PAS-Accel "Acceleration Sensor"
PAS-AdGasLaw "Adiabatic Gas Law"
PAS-Color "Colorimeter"
PAS-ElectHeat "Electrical Equivalent of Heat"
PAS-EngGasLaw "Heat Engine/Gas Law Apparatus"
PAS-Flow "Flow Rate Sensor"
PAS-FncGenAmp "Digital Function Generator/Amplifier"
PAS-Force "Force Sensor"
PAS-GapMagnet "Variable Gap Magnet"
PAS-LaserSwitch "Laser Switch"
PAS-Light "Light Sensor"
PAS-LowPressure "Low Pressure Gauge"
PAS-MagAcc "Magnetic Force Accessory"
Magnetic "PAS-Magnetic Field Sensor"
PAS-MechDrive "Mechanical Wave Driver"
PAS-MetStrips "Metal Resonance Strips"
PAS-Microwave "Microwave Optics Kit"
PAS-Motion "Motion Sensor 2"
PAS-PhoGate "Accessory Photogate"
PAS-Picket "Picket Fence"
PAS-PowerAmp "Power Amplifier"
PAS-Pulley "Smart Pulley"
PAS-RLC "RLC Network"
PAS-Rotation "Rotary Motion Sensor"
PAS-Sound "Sound Sensor"
PAS-Sound2 "Sound Sensor"
PAS-Tank "Rotational Acceleration Tank"
PAS-Temp "Temperature Sensors"
PAS-Thermocouple "K Type Thermocouple Probe"
PAS-Volt "Voltage Sensor"
PAS-WireLoop "Resonance Wire Loop"
PEL-HeatLamp "Pella Sample Drying Heat Lamp"
SAR-Bal "Sartorius Balance"
TI-89 "Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator 89"
TI-CBL "Calculator Based Laboratory"
VER-1DAccel "25-g Accelerometer"
VER-3DAccel "Three Dimensional Accelerometer"
VER-Barometer "Barometer"
VER-DigitalCU "Vernier Digital Control Unit"
VER-Flow "Flow Rate Sensor"
VER-ForceDual "Dual-Range Force Sensor"
VER-InstAmp "Instrumentation Amplifier"
VER-LABPRO "LabPro interface for Vernier Sensors"
VER-LGAccel "Low-g Accelerometer"
VER-Light "Light Sensor"
VER-Magnetic "Magnetic Field Sensor"
VER-Mic "Microphone for CBL"
VER-Motion "Motion Detector"
VER-PhotoGate "Vernier Photogate"
VER-Pressure "Pressure Sensor"
VER-TempDC "Direct Connect Temperature Probe"
VER-TempTC "Thermocouple"
VER-Voltage "Voltage Probe"