Final Report Executive Summary

Group 11 - Colby Mafia

Boat trailers are expensive ($1,500-3000), take up space when not in use, are difficult to load boats onto and off of, and often damage the hull. Previous inventors attempted to solve these problems by integrating a trailer into a boat, but created new problems with severe design flaws that negatively affect the fluid dynamics of the boat. In order to make our project feasible, we would like to solve these problems on aluminum boats in the sixteen to twenty-four foot range that have flat bottoms or shallow-V hulls and are used by weekend recreational boaters that travel between lakes, rivers and the ocean weekly if not daily.

The Internal Boat Trailer exists and if we ever get it out of the sub-basement, we will let you all see it. Actually, the IBT has been an extremely large project; however, we have made a working prototype despite our budget and time restrictions. We now know what areas would need more attention were we to carry this project into the real world. The IBT hits is perfect for its end user and hopefully we can convince some potential purchasers of that fact. We have designed a completely revolutionary product that has almost nothing to do with previous attempts to solve the problems associated with trailers besides fixing their faults. We have attempted to meet every one of our specifications. There has been a lot of analysis and experimentation on our prototype and the state of the art, trailers. We will give you a demonstration of our prototype and show you why it is better than a trailer. While we believe that producing an IBT could be economically profitable, we do not feel that any boat company would be willing to risk the investment in developing and testing a final version of our design for their boat.