Engineering Sciences 05
Prerequisite: None.
Distributive: TAS.
Offered: 17F, 18: 2A
Instructors: Rosen
MacLean B01

Do you want a new healthcare system?

Invent one

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Redesigning Healthcare: Problems and Opportunities: under construction for fall 2019


Part of of the Course is also to be found HERE on this PUBLIC website at, including Lecture Schedulenology will dramatically change how healthcare is delivered in the future.

This course will cover topics related to the virtual human, created from bits. This will include virtual reality, augmented reality and datafusion, computer simulation, advanced 3D and 4D imaging techniques, the operating room of the future, minimally invasive surgery, space medicine, tele-operations, tele-medicine and tele-surgery, Internet 2 and cyberspace, artificial intelligence and intelligent agents applied to medicine, and the National Library of Medicine virtual human project.

We will also discuss the FDA approval of computer simulators, robotic surgeons, and the ethics of robots doing surgery. In addition, we will discuss the medical library of the future, teleconferencing, and the use of interactive media in healthcare education. We will also discuss computerized patient records (CPR) and clinical information systems. Enrollment is limited to 48 students.

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Prerequisites: None -- Distributive: TAS.

Photographs above illustrate course themes and speakers. Please visit the 2007 Course Schedule to review expert speakers and news-worthy topics, similar to the new schedule for 2008 (to be posted later).

Photographs of Myamar by permission Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Photographs of Vietnam Trip with InterPlast where taken by Joseph M. Rosen, M.D. , who has given permission for their use.

Permission for Photographic Materials on the DaVinci Tele-Surgery and Surgical Simulation has been provided by Intuitive Surgical -- Visit company website
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