Engineering Sciences 05
Prerequisite: None.
Distributive: TAS.
Offered: 14F, 15F: 2A
Instructors: Rosen, Robbie
MacLean B01

Do you want a new healthcare system?

Invent one

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Redesigning Healthcare: Problems and Opportunities: under construction for fall 2014

This course will examine the crisis facing U.S. and global healthcare and then explore how technology systems will play critical roles in transforming healthcare solutions for the 21st century. This fall the focus is on redesigning the U.S. Health Care System by examining the current U.S. system, international systems, diseases and disasters, and education. The main goal is to use innovative approaches to solve the problems in the system. Includes systems for quality improvement, evidence-based medicine, simulation, VR training, medical informatics, cybercare, human systems integration, clinical information systems.

Engs13_2007_Collage1 credits

Prerequisites: None -- Distributive: TAS.

Photographs above illustrate course themes and speakers. Please visit the 2007 Course Schedule to review expert speakers and news-worthy topics, similar to the new schedule for 2008 (to be posted later).

Photographs of Myamar by permission Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Photographs of Vietnam Trip with InterPlast where taken by Joseph M. Rosen, M.D. , who has given permission for their use.

Permission for Photographic Materials on the DaVinci Tele-Surgery and Surgical Simulation has been provided by Intuitive Surgical -- Visit company website
(c)[2007] Intuitive Surgical, Inc.