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The eulnorm.m Matlab application

The input file for this application is a text file containing the grain numbers and their normals (the same format as the .nrm file created by ebsp.m application). eulnorm.m plots the grain normals into a stantard stereographic projection.

The input file must be in the same folder/directory as the EBSP package files. From this folder/directory run Matlab. On the SGI type at the prompt "matlab".
At the matlab prompt (>>) type eulnorm.

You will be asked to choose an input file from a menu (it must end by .nrm to appear in the menu). Click first on the file name and then on the done or OK button. On the SGi , having the file name highlighted is not enough , you have to click on the file name, or the application will crash. You can also cancel.

You will then be asked for a title for the graph. Enter the title between single quotes.

The stereographic projection containing the location of all the normals will appear in a separate window. If you wish, you can click in this projection and the index of the pole that you have selected will appear in the text window. For that, you have to answer yes to the question (by typing 1) "Do you want to index a Pole". Note that the application will pause until you click inside the stereographic projection.

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Last Updated: 10/2/08