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Fee Schedule

Fees for use of the E. M. Facility are based on total cost of operation, not including capital costs. Rates are regulated by the Dartmouth Service Center Policy. Users are of two types, Dartmouth users and others. If a user has a Dartmouth account (GL or OGA) they are considered Dartmouth users and are charged a subsidized rate. All other users pay an outside rate and are allowed use only as Dartmouth schedules allow. When users request service, they must provide an account number. Charges are billed monthly via journal transfers using natural class 7825 (SERVICE CTR Use of Equipment), or other class, as appropriate. 

Fees increased 2% for FY2013 starting July, 2012.

Dartmouth Fees

  • SEM time - $40.80 per hour
  • TEM time - $45.90 per hour
  • Technician time $48.96 per hour

Outside fees

  • SEM Time - $285.60 per hour with operator
  • TEM time  - $285.60 per hour with  operator
  • CRM200 Raman confocal microscope - $153 per hour with operator
  • D3100 AFM - $153 per hour with operator
  • Nanoindenter - $153 per hour with operator
  • Technician time - $137.70 per hour

Other Fees (to cover waste disposal and material costs)

  • OPC-60 - $30.60 per run
  • Sputter coater - $5.00 per run
  • vacuum evaporator - $10.20 per run
  • RMC200 - $15.30 per hour
  • SPM - $25.50 per hour
  • SPM tapping tips - Users purchase their own tips.
  • Miscellaneous - actual cost of specimen preparation supplies, waste disposal, etc. See details of pricing on NCCC Core Operations web site.

Last Updated: 7/12/12