Alumnae Reunion!!!

We would like to thank all the alumnae that came out this weekend!

Alumnae Reunion on June 16, 2012!

We are excited to welcome over 40 KAT and EKT alumnae at our house this weekend. The reunion will mostly take place on our backyard, but of course the house will be open for alumnae to see. Lunch will be provided and there is a suggested donation of $30 per person.

Can't wait to see you there! There is a special gift for alumnae!

Update on the fire:

Dear Thetas,

We have just started our spring term, and are proud to report that all of the damage from the fire has been repaired and the house has been fully cleaned. Sisters were able to move back into the house a couple days after the fire, except for those sisters who lived in the two rooms which were most affected. However, we are able to start the spring term with our beloved house intact, and are more grateful than ever for our sisterhood.

We are also grateful for the outpouring of support we received after the fire, both on and off campus. We were touched by those who reached out to help us, including the Dartmouth administration, the other fraternities and sororities on campus, alumni, and even members of Greek houses outside of Dartmouth.

Kathleen Cunningham ’13
Vice President

Fire in the physical plant of Epsilon Kappa Theta:

Dearest Thetas,

At around 6pm on Saturday February 4 2012, there was a fire in the physical plant of Epsilon Kappa Theta. The fire seems to have originated from an electrical malfunction in the light in the bathroom on the second floor. Fortunately, Carla Galarza ('13) noticed the fire, pulled the fire alarm and advised all sisters to leave immediately. Two bedrooms and one bathroom have been significantly affected by the fire and all sisters living in the house have been re-roomed with the assistance of the College until at least Monday 6 February 2012. On the whole, damage was mitigated by Carla's quick thinking and the prompt arrival of Hanover Fire Department. Repairs to the physical plant have already commenced and sisters are generally in pretty good spirits. We would of course love the support from alumnae at this time; monetary donations are particularly welcome. We as Thetas are standing together in this difficult period to support each other and get our beloved house repaired.

For further information, please contact me at


Claire Hunter '12,


This year, the sisters of EKT are excited to try a new style of recruitment in addition to formal rush. We're hosting an open rush event similar to fraternity rush, on Thursday September 22 from 7-9 P.M. Think you're interested in Theta? Come by, bring your friends, and get to know the sisters of Theta in a night, instead of over a full week. We'll bring dessert! This is a rush event-after Thursday's party, we will be extending bids to the interested women who we think have what it takes to be a great Theta. Think you want to shake out at Theta? See you Thursday.

GLOS Awards 2011:

     Emily Carian, Theta 2011 President, received the Individual Leadership award.

Awards from the Order of Omega 2009:

      McEwen Award for an Outstanding Organization as selected by other CFS organizations
      Overall Accountability
      Overall Inclusivity
      15 Webster Ave Grant

Awards from the Order of Omega 2008:

      McEwen Award for an Outstanding Organization as selected by other CFS organizations
      Kaili Lambe '09 - Sustainability Award
      Emma Coultrap-Bagg '08 - Outstanding Houseman
      Lauren Berovitz '08 - Outstanding Scholar