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Facilities Environmental Program

The Dartmouth College Facility Environmental Program (FEP) encompasses a number of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards as well as OSHA Construction Standards (29CFR1926). The program provides focused support services in building design, construction, renovation, and maintenance.

Specific areas of support include:

  • Regulated Materials in Construction: Asbestos, Lead, PCB's
  • Construction Safety
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Assessments
  • Exposure/Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
  • Fuel Storage and Management - Underground (UST) and Aboveground (AST) Storage Tanks
  • Industrial Discharge Permits (waste water)
  • OSHA/EPA and State Requirements
  • Training Requirements


Regulated Building Materials


 Fuel Storage and Management

 Liquid petroleum such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, heating oil, and waste oils that are stored in permanent tanks or drums, in excess of 55-gallons, may need to be registered with the New Hampshire DES. Please contact the EHS office for more information concerning your fuel storage system.

  • Always clean-up drips and spills immediately. 
  • Be sure to pick-up Speedy Dry or other absorbents within 30 minutes of placing it on the spill.
  • Contact EHS for proper disposal.



The Hazardous Materials Management Plan for Project Managers/Supervisors (The Plan)

The Contractor Qualification Guide (The Guide)

NPDES Storm Water Flowchart


For more information, please email EHS

Last Updated: 10/14/14