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Occupational Safety & Health

occupational health & safety

The College's Occupational Safety and Health Program (OSHP) encompasses a number of OSHA's General Industry as well as some Construction Standards (29 CFR 1910, 20 CFR 1926). A range of occupational hygiene services, written policies and procedures, training and periodic inspections form the basis of our program. Our OSHP is integrated into the broader EHS program at Dartmouth through coordination with our Chemical and Radiation Safety Programs and our Hazardous Waste Management, Minimization and Disposal Program.

For specific questions or to learn more about our Occupational Safety and Health Program, please email the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.

Through OSHP, the College maintains an Alliance agreement with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) to provide information on health and safety topics to contractors working on campus and in the Upper Valley.



Any employee working at heights above 4' must have fall protection training. Training includes hazard identification and fall protection measures. Employees must be trained prior to being exposed to a potential fall hazard.  Additionally, this course will cover ladder safety.  Employees who may use ladders during the course of their work must be trained in the hazards associated with ladder use and how to minimize those hazards when setting up and using a ladder.  Finally, employees who may perform work on scaffolding must be able to identify hazards associated with scaffold use so that they can minimize the risk for injury.  This class will last 75 minutes with an additional 15 minutes allowed for question and answers.

Dartmouth College requires this training for affected employees every three years or anytime an employee demonstrates a lack of knowledge regarding safe work practices when using a ladder, scaffold or proper fall protection protocols.

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Last Updated: 2/23/15