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EHS Training

EHS has completed the new on line Introduction to Laboratory Safety Course, this course replaces the monthly classroom offerings and removes any remaining barriers to full compliance by anyone working in a DC laboratory specifically undergraduates with class conflicts.


Introduction to Laboratory Safety on line course


Radiation Safety Classroom Training - Contact EHS 646-1762


Chemical Safety

chemical safety

The College's Laboratory and Chemical Safety Program encompasses the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200), the Laboratory Standard (29 CFR 1910.1450) and a variety of other OSHA and EPA requirements related to chemical safety and hazardous waste. The primary elements of our Chemical Safety Program include periodic compliance inspections, written policies and procedures, training, emergency response and registration of high hazard work.

The Dartmouth College Laboratory Safety Advisory Committee (LSAC) provides oversight and review of work with hazardous materials and physical hazards in our academic areas.  The committee is made up of faculty from multiple disciplines who work in the areas of concern including molecular biology, biochemistry, synthetic chemistry, geochemistry, nanotechnology, physical sciences and engineering/biomedical engineering.  The committee also includes administrators in key roles in facilities, procurement and risk management.  The committee bylaws can be found here. 

For specific questions or to learn more about our Chemical Safety Program, please email Dartmouth College EHS office or call 646-1762.

Chemical Safety - Important Policy Links


Additional links - Toxicology info and MSDS collections on the web

Last Updated: 4/14/14