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Chemical Safety

chemical safety

The Laboratory and Chemical Safety Program is here to provide for human safety and protection of the environment in the work we do.   The primary elements of the program are registration of laboratory work (via BioRAFT), training, consultation, audit and emergency response.  Most importantly, we are here to help you.


Need help with laboratory safety?

Request a consultation (i.e. toxicology review, work practice assessment, protective equipment, containment or engineering controls, lab group review)

Request hazardous or radioactive waste collection

Request a fume hood or laboratory ventilation review

Review a near miss or accident for prevention suggestions

Report a injury


What types of risks can you help me with?

Chemical - flammable liquids/gasses/solids, toxics, reactive or corrosive materials

Physical - high heat, temperature, pressure, cryogens, vacuum devices

Process/Human - controls, risk assessment, failure analysis, root cause analysis and mistake-proofing


The Laboratory Safety Advisory Committee LSAC

The Dartmouth College Laboratory Safety Advisory Committee (LSAC) sets policy, provides oversight and reviews high risk chemical and physical hazard work in our academic areas.  The committee is made up of administrators and faculty around the college with experience in the sciences.  The committee bylaws can be found here. 



For more information please contact

Michael Cimis, CIH

Sr. Associate Director

Environmental Health and Safety



Chemical Safety - Important Links


Additional links - Toxicology info and MSDS collections on the web

Last Updated: 12/17/14