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EHS Training

EHS has completed the new on line Introduction to Laboratory Safety Course, this course replaces the monthly classroom offerings and removes any remaining barriers to full compliance by anyone working in a DC laboratory specifically undergraduates with class conflicts.


Introduction to Laboratory Safety on line course


Radiation Safety Classroom Training - Contact EHS 646-1762

Working with rDNA

BSL-2 Exposure Control Plan


The use of Recombinant DNA Technology (rDNA), including synthetic DNA, in the laboratory is highly regulated by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Strict adherence to the NIH Guidelines For Research Involving Recombinant Or Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules is essential to maintain the proper regulatory oversight of rDNA at Dartmouth College.

Oversight and Approvals of Research

All rDNA research is required to have the approval of the Dartmouth Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), PRIOR to commencement of research. 

Refer here for more information regarding the oversight and approval of research by the IBC.

Dartmouth College currently uses the online compliance dashboard, BioRAFT, to track, maintain compliance, and issue specific personnel trainings as it pertains to rDNA usage in the laboratory. For help using BioRAFT to input your research information for institutional review, please refer to the following link. (coming soon)

The responsibility of the Principal Investigator, according to the NIH Guidelines is as follows:

Section IV-B-7. Principal Investigator (PI)

On behalf of the institution, the Principal Investigator is responsible for full compliance with the NIH Guidelines in the conduct of recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecule research…….The Principal Investigator is responsible for ensuring that the reporting requirements are fulfilled and will be held accountable for any reporting lapses. Click here for an NIH summary of PI responsibilities.


Important References for rDNA Researchers:

FAQ's regarding NIH Guidelines on rDNA or synthetic DNA experiments

FAQ's regarding transgenic animals or the use of rDNA in animals

FAQ's regarding cloning of toxin molecules

NIH oversight and approval requirements for experiments involving the transfer of drug resistant traits

FAQ's regarding EXEMPT rDNA experiments according NIH Guidelines.  Note - Dartmouth College IBC requires review of exempt experiments.


 Working with Viral Vectors (be sure to register all viral vector work in BioRAFT):

Vaccinia Use and Surveillance Policy

Working Safely with Lentiviral Vectors

Working Safely with Adenoviral Vectors

Note - Dartmouth College Viral Vector Policy and SOPs coming soon.  Please contact the Biological Safety Officer if you have any questions regarding the use of viral vectors, including viral vector use in animals.

Last Updated: 4/29/14